Jan 28, 2021

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Heavenly Father,

Release Your Holy Fire over us and in us to purify us from all sin and iniquity that we have knowingly or unknowingly allowed to attach to us. Your are Holy and Your Fire makes us worthy to be before You! Lord as You did for Isaiah the prophet let the burning coal from heaven cleanse our tongue to proclaim You as Lord and Father/ABBA! We give You our love with all of our strength and all that is in us to be Yours and Yours alone!

Through Your Son, Yeshuah we take authority over the strong man and all strongholds here in the nation. That all altars of false worship, all temples of false gods and idols that are her on earth be smashed and brought to naught by Your Consuming Fire that we are here to only worship and give You all the glory. For we know that Your love us and that we are protected under the Shadow of Your Wing. That Your Holy Fire is is purify the land and make us nation of Your Kingdom as You formed us when our forefathers came here to worship free Your Son and to bring the Gospel to this land and to spread it across the earth! We are so grateful for our heritage of Faith and that we were established to covenant with You and make this a suitable dwelling place to be in harmony with Your and our brothers and sisters of Faith.

Father as You brought Your People out of bondage under Moses so now too lead us out of the bondage that we have been under by those who have deceived us and stolen, lied and cheated to rule over us. Lord may they all be put to shame and their arrogant glory be brought to ashes and fall under the Hammer of Justice. We seek a re-enstatement of President Trump and his administration in this year! Lord You do not honor the lie or bearing false witness against Your anointed. Now is the time Lord to raise up those who will be defenders of the Truth and prosecute those who have betrayed us and have held us captive by laws that disrespect life and choose death! Lord Your people here in America have shown You that they chose Your anointed and that they trust him to fulfill what You have planned for us. Yes, Lord we have heard the prophetic voices and we believe them and will stand in unity to pray to bring it to be and await Your Perfect Will to be don in Your Perfect timing! Praise You Lord!

We pray Father that Your Holy Fire will raise up men and women who are examples of the Gospel for our children and who will teach and share the sacred understanding found in Your Holy Scriptures and fulfill as Yeshuah did Your Holy Torah that is the guide for us to live in peace and harmony with one another. For as we read in Paul that there is only Love that matters and without we are nothing more than clanging symbols and empty drums. Lord now is the hour to let Your Holy Fire purify America from all those who are enemies of what You have Promised us . You are the keeper of the Promises You make! You get all the Glory and all the Praise for we are so thankful that You have brought us here for such a time as this!

With the Psalmist I say: I shall praise You among the peoples, my Lord! I shall sing to You among the people. For Your loving kindness is great among us! Be exalted O God! Let Your Glory cover us all on the earth! Amen It is so!

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