Aug 9, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

We come in the spirit of repentance, for we know it draws us closer to You and keeps us aware of Your Presence as we face the battles of this day.  We seek Your Protection from the enemy and all his evil allurements to loose sight of the Promises You have given us through the words of Your prophet in our day.  Keep us off the enemy’s radar and keep our lines of communication open and uninterrupted between us and  You and to hear more clearly the Words that You speak into our hearts.  Keep us, Father, from paying too close attention to what the world says and keep us close to You to see Your Promises unfold before us today from the smallest miracle of each breathe we take  to the changes we see taking place here in America: having an anointed leader in President Trump and the continuing exposure of evil in our government and in those who have lied and  deceived us for such a long time.

Father we are so grateful that Your Holy Spirit is moving across our nation and bringing conviction on Your people to return to law and order  that You have promised by our meditating on Your Word and following in the footsteps of our Messiah, Yeshua, Your only begotten Son.  We give You glory, honor and praise for having chosen us and called us out of darkness in Your Marvelous Light a Life filled with Your Blessings!

Lord, we are here in Faith, just as our father in faith, Abraham believed and followed Your Promise to him.  Yes, Father, we are here to be Your Obedient Army following Your Commands.  We are here to be used by You to bring fulfillment the spreading of the Good News and keeping Your Kingdom well established in our own land and into other lands that You call to fulfill Your Will on earth as it is in heaven!

Father, keep us aware to not loose sight that all is according to Your timing that these Promises be fulfilled.  We want to be patient, yet excited  to see change here in America like the overturning of the decision of Roe v. Wade by our Supreme Court.  But we must walk the time line You have established and we must continue to pray and intercede for those You will bring to the Supreme Court so that righteousness will prevail in our land.  Lord, continue to guide and direct President Trump in the decisions he makes to form the dream team You have destined him to have around him so that we will be one nation under You so that the children You have planned for us will be safe in the womb and be brought up in accordance with Your Word.

Father, we give You thanks and praise as You to raise up men and women who will bring about righteousness to rule over our nation and our whole system of government.  Today especially touch all of us who vote in the states of Ohio, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri and Washington!  May the turn out be strong to show that we support what You want for us!

Yes, Father, we repent of the spirit of rebellion and resistance that dominates those  who are blinded  and fooled into believing in liberalism, progressivism,  socialism, communism and all other ideas and ways that are not of You! Father, bring about a renewing of our minds and take on the Mind of Christ.  Protect our youth from these evil ideas and thoughts that bring about destruction and devastation in the land that accepts and compromises.  May those who promote this demonic ideas  either repent or brought to their own destruction and devastation.  But for us Lord, we are here to walk by Faith and not be sight, obedient to Your Commands and willingly accept Your Promises for us as Your Army fighting for the Kingdom to reign without end! Amen We pray in Yeshua’s Name  Amen.


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