Jun 13, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

Today we come to Your throne seeking Your Loving Protection by putting Your Holy Angels  around Your Army of Warriors gathered now.  Protect us from any of the enemy’s attempts to stop us in our progress of growing Your Kingdom daily.  Keep us off the enemy’s radar and let nothing penetrate into our forces gathered here.  We are under the Shield of Faith and raising our Sword of Righteousness to strike a deadly blow to the enemy, especially  striking down the covering of witchcraft over our nation, our President  and any area of our American life.  In spite of their cursing and binding we know there is break through and their curses will fall back on them.  Don’t mess with the anointing of God!

Lord, You know as of this time we are divorced and rescinded any legal agreements or covenants with Satan and all of the gods of this world who have had sway over us or have held us in bondage in any way.  It stops now as we repent of any open door of fear, any works of the flesh, unconfessed sin, not honoring mothers & fathers, any unforgiveness toward anyone, any participation in the occult whether known or unknown, any idolatry, substance abuse, having ever participated in any mind altering activity by any false teachers or rituals, any rebellion and disobedience toward God.  Finally we place ourselves away from giving Satan any legal stronghold over us.

Thank You, Father for Your Forgiveness and mercy given to us through Your Son, Yeshua.  Thank You, for giving us Wisdom and Discernment through the Holy Spirit so that we honor and worship You in spirit and truth!

Father in the name of Yeshua and with His authority we break and divorce all legal authority that Satan has over our nation, our land, the skies above and the waters in and around our nation.  We take authority over the land  where we walk as well as beneath us in any tunnel, cave or hidden chambers.  All is exposed now  and Justice for true judgment to happen now and into the future. Amen!

Father, through the authority of Yeshua, we throw off the yoke of witchcraft and all the evil participants who curse and conjure up evil against our government of the people and for the people as our founders brought through the Scriptures. No more demonic influence has the right to affect our President Trump, his wife and family and all those who work with him in any way under his anointing of God to lead and direct America in accord with Your Holy Will for us!

Father, just as You sent word to Daniel as he fasted and prayed an angel now release angels to walk among us to strike down the evil spiritual forces around us and to protect us from the enemy and his minions.  Father, we give You Glory for the breakthroughs that are happening now as we see them in the world of finances, energy, crops, and findings in the earth and that our freedoms are being protected and re-aligned according to Your Word in the Scriptures.

Lord, in Yeshua, we bind any legal influence Satan has over our churches through out our land.  Raise up for us righteous and brave apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers who will teach us the Good News and not be afraid to warn us of the evil that is around us and encourage us to fight the battle as Your Army in our day!  Know that You will never leave us or forsake us!

Lord bring restoration and renewed strength to Your disciples who are anointed to prophecy and teach us to walk in Your Light and live Life filled with and giving the Love for one another as You do!

Lord we know that those who plot and plan to take over the world are in their last days and they no longer hold back Your Plans for us and so we are encouraged and hopeful for our time and our children’s future.  We have our heel on the serpent’s head and proclaim and declare: Your Kingdom come, Your Will be done now and all over the earth.  We worship You and give You Praise In Yeshua’s Name Amen!!!!!!



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