Nov 9, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

We come before You with humble, contrite hearts to listen to Your Heart so that all we do and say is aligned with Your Will for us and that Your Kingdom reigns here in America as it does in heaven.  Shield us from the enemy’s radar and hides us under the Shadow of Your Wings so that none of his schemes or plots will interfere or stop us from our battle to spread Your Kingdom here and around them world.  Stop him and his camp from gaining any more territory in this war we are engaged in.  Let everything that they claim as a victory turn to ashes and lure them into the trap that they have set so they are destroyed and not us.  Let all see that You are the only and true God and there is no other.  And the gates of hell will not prevail!

Lord, when the sir is cleared of the smoke of this election and after our intense prayers raised many may be disappointed with the results with the outcome and wonder if their prayers were worth it.  The answer is yes the victory in the spirit has been won it just akes time for it to be seen in the natural.  We are to continue our battle and to keep watchmen on the wall and in the sentinel towers we have established in the enemy’s territory.  We are to continue this good work Lord for we hear Your Command March on!  Even though there is disappointment give us spiritual eyes to see the Plan You are unfolding.  Your prophetic word will not be denied or crushed.  We remember the words of the prophet Isaiah: Your ways are not our ways and Your thoughts are not our thoughts. Trust You and see with spiritual eyes all that is here and to come.  Lord, too often we are in hurry, but we must be prepared for Your new surprises every day, just like today with resignation of Jeff Sessions, the silent executioner, or the fall of Justice Ginsburg and the terrible tragedy in California.  Yes, You are still in control and to who else can we turn to but a special Father that You are?

Father, today we bless all the women You have drawn close to You.  All women: young, old, married, divorced, widowed, with children or barren.  Those who are alone, those who are struggling to raise children without a father, women who have been abused, molested or even those who have lost sight of their worthiness in Your Eyes, O Lord!  Bless each and everyone with Your Healing Touch of Love and Comfort in all that is part of their lives!

Lord, may these women be strengthened in their calling to be a strong part of Your Kingdom Army that is called to crush the spirit of Jezebel that sneaks among our ranks. May all of these believing women be used as You planned from the beginning and Your Son, Yeshua, restored: that they may be man’s helpmate. At his side where You drew them from and are there to give Wisdom and counsel in this life.  That man fulfill his position to be as Christ to cover each woman under the Shield of Faith and protect with the Sword of Truth.  Thank You, Lord, that through this true unity we move forward in Your Strong Army to win the Victory You have Promised!

Lord in this moment when so much is happening You spoke that the 8th would be an open doorway for us to rush through that America will see more of Your Plan unfolding.  Lord we are seeing it unfold before our eyes that if we remain faithful in the spirit there will be break through in the natural.  Praise You, Lord, that You have given us President Trump and all who are fighting along side of him.  Especially protect all of the women who are serving with him, from his wife, Melania, his daughter, Ivanka, all the women in his life who are helping to make America fulfill her destiny! Lord protect America, Israel and all nations that are aligned to do Your Will in our day!  Thank You, Father for perfect timing!

Lord, bless all women who are willing to follow in the footsteps of Sarah our mother in Faith with Abraham.  Women who will stnd against the spirit of Jezebel and all the evil forces that do their best to deceive, lie, cheat and steal and sneak into our ranks. Lord give them strength and insight to counter these attacks and stand firm against it.  Bless all women named after Sarah: like Sarah Huckabee and Sarah Palin and others who have a position to lead in America!

Lord, we also know that many are saying where is the red tsunami that you said was coming?  It is still rising!  Remind us Lord that in the waters there is an earthquake that shakes the waters and then the ripple effect picks up strength then the tsunami hits.  We await the the terrible shaking that is coming to DC when all the players are in their assigned roles and then suddenly it will hit!

Thank You, Father, for Your Plan unfolding before us.  Praise Your Mighty and Wonderful Ways!  Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  Amen For this is the glory and praise that is due You, through Yeshua, Amen!




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