Sep 28, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

We give You thanks and praise for calling us through Your Son Yeshua  to be your people formed into an Army of Your Kingdom.  We know You bless using so many ways as we fight to spread Your Kingdom throughout the earth.  Keep us in Your Strong Grip so that we are strengthened in our Faith to bless all around us even our enemies as Yeshua did.  Let Your Holy Spirit guide us into all Truth and give us Wisdom and discernment so that we know when to speak and when to be silent so that even our enemies will know Your Power working through us as we speak and defend the Truth and bless instead of curse in every part of our life with You!

Lord we intercede by our repentance for any lies or deception or faulty thinking we have had or been a part of that has caused harm or hurt to anyone’s good name and reputation from our parents, our loved ones, our children, our friends and neighbors and yes even our enemies and strangers in  our lives.  Lord put blessings on our tongues so that we are not of the cursing that is taking place in America.  Lord that even our enemies will know what they are doing so that they will repent of all the lies and scandal promoted by their darkness.  That the Light of Truth will prevail and change dark thoughts into the mind of Christ.  That there will be Truth instead of lies, giving instead of taking, love instead of hate, Faith instead of doubt, and blessing instead of cursing.

Father, we seek a swift end to all the scandalous and lying that is being brought to bare in these hearing of Judge Kavanaugh.  That Justice and Truth prevail in all these moments of this spectacle.  Let his appointment by President Trump happen now as You have prophesied that there is change for the Supreme Court.  Lord You are showing us the good and righteous character of this man to stand strong in the face of the enemy.  Protect him and his family from all the perversity to damage his good name and reputation. Lord, You hate the lying tongue may these tongues be caught off now before anything further is done to bring about the Supreme Court Your prophet has told us would happen.

Lord, we intercede that true Justice will win out in the appointment of judges from the Supreme Court to even the lowest court be made now.  So that we will see the curses of injustice will be over turned so that the innocent and falsely accused will be set free.  That the scandalous and deceitful lies will be exposed and that the good name and reputation be restored and returned.  That the media that is involved with any of this be silenced and reprimanded by true and just decisions of those in authority.  Lord our Justice system is broken by all who have been bribed and ruled by darkness, let it now be turned back to what it was established to do protect the innocent and judge the wrong! As Your heavenly court is may ours be an imitation of it for us on earth!

Father, through Your Son, Yeshua, we can do all things because He strengthen us.  We know that there is nothing impossible for You, so we seek a change in the thinking in America so that we are more in line with the mind of Christ.  That we take on Your Vision of us for one another so that we will truly live in harmony and peace.  Lord, we know it is the Truth that sets us free and we want that to prevail in America so that it will always be the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Father in this time we also intercede for all those who need in a miracle in their lives so that they will be restored to health in body, mind and spirit.  That those who are in need financially be touched by the generous sharing and giving of Your disciples from our tithes and offerings to You.  That those seeking employment find the best job for them and be blessed abundantly.  We cry out for our Youth too that they will be protected from all the sexual perversion and abuse that dominates the darkness of this life.  May they be instructed and educated in Your Way so that generation to generation will be protected from all the deception of the enemy.  Let righteousness be the standard of our America again!

Lord bless all of us here as we continue to bring our prayers before You in Yeshua’s name. Amen!



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