Nov 3, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

We come before You with praise, glory, honor and thanksgiving for all that You have done for us and given to us and trusted us to place in our hands the ability to increase and multiply what You have given us.  The power of creation is a wondrous gift Father that we may never abuse it again is our cry!

We repent of all the foolish ways in which we have squandered or lost r abused these sacred gifts from You! We repent of how we have used our minds and imagination to do as our fallen flesh wants over doing Your Will and following Your Commands in how we are to live and use these gifts!

Lord, in this moment of our unity in prayer protect us from all the schemes and plots of the enemy to kill, steal and destroy us and control us into false worship of him instead of You.  Lord keep us aware of how the enemy tries to control through our minds, just as the demons did to the pigs after Jesus cast them out of the demoniac.  Lord there are continuing efforts and temptations put on us from spirit of the flesh through false idols place before us through the media, entertainment, celebrities and sports idols.  We reject the spirit of the flesh and cling to the Holy Spirit Who guides us into all truth!

Lord, we seek a cleansing of our minds so that we put on the Mind of Christ. We know that it is in the renewal of our minds that we will be set free from the spirit of the flesh and we will see the world and the people who dwell here in a different Light!  That we will see one another as Yeshua, Your Son has shown us.  That all were created in Your image and have within us Your Spirit if only we accept Your Son, our Messiah Yeshua as our only source of life and life abundantly.  Lord help us change our thinking so that we will see as You see!  That we will draw closer to Your Vision through the eyes of Faith and walk in Hope and act in Love toward one another and each issue we face in ourselves and in our nation.  Continue to bless President Trump and all who are with him to have a keen vision of America as You unfold Your Agenda in our day!

Father, by the authority that Your Son, Yeshua has bestowed on us we come against the strongholds of Mind Control that has held sway over us here in America and around the world.  In Yeshua’s name we strike down all the deception and lies that have dominated us and even driven us to the brink of loosing our blessed country.  Give us more of the discernment through Your Holy Spirit, the best friend You have given us to guide and direct us in hour of need in the Battle to keep America a land free to promote the Gospel and to have a people united in You!

Lord, show us in these days who we should elect to lead us and govern us in these crucial times.  Help us to choose rightly those men and women who will serve to represent us in this republic in our Congress, Senate and all who will be placed in office as judges, governors, mayors and other state and local officials!  We seek especially righteous men and women to be our judges.  Lord, we want those You have chosen and anointed throughout our land!  We have a Constitution and other just laws by which we desire to be governed and may those elected to govern hold that standard for themselves as those who they are to lead.

Lord in our day we stand against all those who are trying to destroy America and what it stands for.  Lord we stand against those who would mislead people to bring an invasion against us.  That without blood shed the “caravan” be stopped and that it disperse now in Yeshua’s name!  That those who President Trump has called upon to stop this southern invasion have Wisdom and discernment in every case that is brought before them.  That after this election we see swift Justice be brought upon all those who have misled us into nothing but destruction to America.

Lord, we stand against all the false media through the world of entertainment and celebrity status to try to persuade us always from the truth and bring us into the captivity of depravity and perversion in all its forms.  Lord now is the time for us to see new role models and heroes who will show to us the image of Jesus Christ!

Father we make our prayers lifted up to You in Yeshua’s Name. Amen




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