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Heavenly Father,

We come to You in the spirit of Repentance and know that all things are possible through You!  Thank You for giving us Life today to do Your Will here on earth as it is in heaven so Your Kingdom is spread where ever we walk today!

Father, we ask that You take us off the enemy’s radar and block any signals from the enemy that will interfere with our time with You.  We renounce any deception or trick of the enemy so we can be in direct communication with You.  Father, release Your Heavenly Host as a hedge of protection around all of Your Warriors gathered during this time as we want to Honor, Praise, Glorify and Thank You for all You have done for us through Your Son, Yeshua/Jesus, our Savior and Lord!

Father, today we repent and divorce ourselves from our enemy called Baal.  We tear up any contract or legal connection we have foolishly and blindly made with Ball.  We especially make this declaration over Your Body called the church, which is really us. Your assembly of worshipers. Lord, we proclaim a renewal of our vows of marriage to You, O Lord.  Strip us of any residue of Baal’s influence in our lives, Your Living Body here especially in America in this present time.

Father, we ask that You cleanse Your Church and cast down any strongholds that Baal has over the Church’s leadership.  Lord we want leadership that imitates and reveals the Abundant Life in Your Son, Yeshua/Jesus.

Father, we ask for the Wisdom and discernment of the Holy Spirit in who and which church or ministry to follow and support.  Lord we want Your Bride to be without spot of wrinkle so we can abide and dwell in Your Presence continually.

Father we want our tithes and offerings to You to be given and used in a trustworthy manner by Your servants who are true shepherds like Your Son Yeshua.  Lord, Your word declares we are to be givers with a generous heart and not be selfish in our motives of giving.  We are to be blessing to others and not give to get.  What You freely give to us we want to share and take care of the poor and needy, the widow and the orphan.  We seek to give to those who shepherd us to build a storehouse of provision as You have wanted!

Lord, we declare and proclaim a rejection of all government interference in the true church’s place of worship of You and any ministry that aids Your People. Lord here in America we want abolished all laws that limit Your People’s freedom to worship, You, freedom to proclaim the Good News, freedom to speak out about issues of morality and ethical living in our day!  In the authority of Yeshua we strike down these laws especially 501.c.3 and any other laws created by man to limit our freedom of worship and service in Your Kingdom!

Father we are thankful for giving us a President who spoke for us in saying our government is not our god,  but only the true God do we worship.  As well as his words for the Right to Life and defunding Planned Parenthood and other life killing legislation!

Father we are here to be generous in our giving to that which Your Holy Spirit guides to given and support.  Father, we reject all false teaching that we have been taught to be selfish in our giving to just look for a tax write off or wonder what we are going to get back for our giving.  Lord, You are the God who rewards and bestows blessings and so we trust You will provide for us and follow Your Plan and instructions in Your Word in our Scriptures. Praise be to You, O Lord for Your Kindness and Mercy as we worship You as the sacred Body of Christ!  We are Your Church in Yeshua! Amen.

Now, Father, listen to the intercession of Your Warriors gathered here now in Your Presence!

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