Jul 24, 2019

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Heavenly Father,    

As we start our prayer shield us from the influence of the enemy, especially keep us off of his radar and jam all of his frequencies whether they be distractions or communication blockages either technical or spiritual.   We are here for You, Father to give You glory, honor, praise and thanksgiving as we worship You in spirit and truth as Your Son, Yeshuah has taught and shown us!

Father, first of all as we begin You have placed it on my heart as leader of the Strike Force of Prayer to pray over all those You have brought to join our ranks those presently on the line with me now and those who are united with us in spirit now and into the future as You have drawn us together.

Lord, I thank the Holy Spirit for increasing our numbers daily and for all the ways that You are leading this part of Your Kingdom Army to do battle and follow Your Commands.  Bless and protect everyone that is a part of this remnant of Your Kingdom to charge and to take back all that the enemy has stolen and to gather even new ground here in America and across the earth.

Holy Spirit You have made the Strike Force of Prayer National and now International to You be all the Glory and Honor!  We know this is Your Work and so we place ourselves at You disposal to do all that You have planned to be a part of.  Lord we here the whisperings to continue to cover all the 50 states and territories of the USA and the nations of the world who join us like England, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland an so many others yet to be a part of Your movement of Prayer to spread the Kingdom now and into eternity.  Glory to You O Lord!  Inspire this team of Prayer Warriors to use all of their talents and anointing to move to the front line and do as You call them to do!  You will get all the glory! Amen.

Now, Father we bring to You today our focus in prayer to strike down the cursings that go on in America and across the earth.  Lord by your authority we strike down all the vexes, and spiritual attacks that are brought against our President Trump and all those You have anointed to serve in leadership among Your People here in America and the nations hungering for freedom to worship You and proclaim the Jesus is Lord!

Lord too many have allowed the sorcery of our day to over power our thinking.  You see it as an abomination to glorify such actions as psychic words found in books and all forms of media entertainment.  Father, we Your Warriors repent of how we have in any way been a part even innocently of this attitude that pervades our culture. 

We repent of any involvement either knowingly or unknowingly of those means used to enslave us through false doctrine, false religions and fleshly temptations of the the spiritists and all forms of sorcery!  Purify our land O Lord and the hearts of all who call You Lord and Messiah!  Especially in Your sacred land of Israel and Your United States of America and those nations who call You Lord and King of Kings!

Holy Spirit we seek Your gift of Wisdom to discern those whom You want to give us as leaders in government and in our Assemblies of Worship, which we now look to the new form You are showing us call home congregations!  Thank You Lord for making the Strike Force of prayer a part of it and bless all efforts to sweep across our land so that the healing and comfort will be given to Your People who feel abandoned and betrayed by the dying form of church system that has held us captive too long.  Thank You for this marvelous challenge and movement that You have anointed for such a time as this and for all those you have called to put into effect now!

Father, during our time we see You are lifting us out of the Babylonia Captivity that we have been suppressed with here in our United States of America and other nations too.  Just as You freed Your People Israel from the bondages of captivity in their day now is our time to again breath the freedom and Liberty given us through Christ Jesus our Lord and Messiah!  Lord continue to bring Justice into the land to stop all of the abominations of sexual perversion in all its forms and especially the rescuing of our children from the ravages of the evil that pervades and has for so long held sway through the political world as well as what is called the church world from the Vatican to all the denominations that have allowed this to enter and destroy the innocence and purity of Your people Your chosen ones, those You have set apart for such a time as this!

Father continue to bless us and grant success to pour efforts to win back the soul of America and its people.  We give You glory, honor, praise and thanksgiving because we know it is You Who do it in us and through us in Yeshuah’s Name Amen!

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