Oct 3, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

We repent of any blocks in our heart to hear You and love You. You know my heart Lord,

cleanse me of anything that hinders my closeness to You! Without You I can nothing and You are the only source I need for everything I face. You know me and know everything about me even before I speak it or act for You know my sitting down and my getting up. You understand my thoughts from afar. Where can I go from Your Spirit? You have knitted me in my mother’s womb. I shall praise You for I am fearfully and wonderfully made! Lord God we are here as Your Army to defend and spread the Kingdom here in our land and among the nations especially Your land of Israel!

Father in this hour when there is much chaos, rebellion and lawlessness in the land, separate those who are Yours from those who choose to live in darkness and choose to follow the wicked ways of the enemy. As You have said in Your Word: Surely You will slay the wicked, O God, therefore we say depart from us men of destruction and chaos. Any of the wicked who speak evil of Your Name are not our fiends and we hate their words a You hate them and none who are in darkess can stand in Your Presence! So we say: search us O God as You know our heart. Try us and see us to lead us in Your Way!

Father, deliver us from the disorder in our day! Preserve us from the violent men who continually gather together fo war and have sharpened tongues like a serpent and have poisoned words on their lips. Father there is so much of this in our day we seek the crushing of the media and those who are using their venomous poison against President Trump and those who are aligned with him. Even now Lord protect his newest appointment of Amy Coney Barrett as the slander and scandal are plotted against her and even her family. Lord in the Mighty Authority of Jesus we proclaim this will not continue. Those who have plotted and schemed to stop this appointment may their lies fall on them and may their tongues be filled with a fire that will stop them from doing anything further. Lord, we take authority over these Senate proceedings may they have no interruptions and run smoothly in fairness and Justice according to our Constitution of Advice and Consent. Lord, this woman stands in righteousness so shall we see her approved and sworn is as a Justice that will serve us honorably and make our Supreme Court like unto Your heavenly court! It is so!

Father, as we have prayed for General Flynn and others who have been prosecuted unfairly and with trickery let them be set free and be restored and dismissed from any further judicial tyranny! Lord, like Your Court of Heaven we want Justice served here in America and that a true reform will bring a lasting change to our system! Lord, continue to give us judges and those who attend to our courts be men and women of integrity and honor! Lord, we thankful for those You have anointed to arise during this time and we place a shield of protection around them and their loved ones that they may serve without fear and speak boldly the Truth. Yes, Lord the time has come for us to see those words of the prophet come true Roe v. Wade overturned and to see marriage restored to the way You have planned it from the beginning one man and one woman and all other ideas and perversion will have no ore sway in America! Lord, only You can move those who are corrupt in their thinking to face the consequences of their foolishness. Now is the time to bring perversion to an end in our Land!

Lord, with the struggle we are in to win the heart of America back to You give us the boldness to speak, to act and to vote according to our Faith. That none of us will be ashamed or fearful to say

that we stand for Jesus the Christ and we will support and honor those who are willing to govern us according to Your Commands as You have written in Your Torah! Lord even though we may not understand one another accurately we know by Faith in Jesus the Christ we are in harmony with Your Perfect Will for us. We seek what is in heaven here on earth now and forever! Amen it is so!

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