Oct 15, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

We are here to give You thanks and praise for what You are doing in our day! You are awesome for there is no god like our God! Lord even in times when it is darkest Your Light still pierces the darkness! Even though it seems the enemy is stronger has more who follow him than You it is not true! For we know Your Son, Yeshuah has defeated the enemy, and therefore we can do all things in Christ Jesus and when we mention His Sacred Blood the enemy quakes in his camp. Lord we are so grateful for we have the authority of Jesus to bind the strong man and to smash the strongholds. We seek more boldness and courage to stand tall in our Faith without fear for nothing is impossible! Yes, Lord Your Word is true when we resist the enemy in Your Son’s Name he flees and has no power over us. So we look to You, O Lord for there is more to come and we will see our land will return as a Promise Land dedicated to You by the Faith of our founding Fathers and Mothers and we stand now and say Yes! Jesus is Lord and there is no king but Jesus! We are a free people for whom Yeshuah sets free is free indeed!

Lord, we are interceding for the appointment of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. Let it become clear in these proceedings that this is a woman who has the valor to stand up to the test and will bring Justice and truth into our Supreme Court. During this time may those who attempt to slander her and bring false accusations against her be made fools and fall into shame. Lord, this is a season that we will see more women of Faith arise and be strong in pointing the way in which we should walk! Lord the old way of corruption and backroom bribes are finished, we are in a new era of openness and honesty. We bind the Jezebel spirit that lurks in the background that it be truly exposed and just as Jezebel was slain and eaten by dogs let that spirit feel that same defeat and shame. For as this woman is clothed in the crimson robe of righteousness may the new era begin as she is approved for this high calling. Lord You are the one who crowns woman with a heart like Yours and so Lord we are here to draw closer to Your heart!

Father, give boldness and courage to all who are in Your Army that whatever assignment we are to take up we will do so with all of our heart and strength! Lord just as we raise our voices in prayer so too may we do our duty to bring the Kingdom on to the earth. Let us see such a voting victory for President Trump that our nation becomes so united that it will be a fitting dwelling place for You to be among us as You have desired! That we will focus on the great Harvest You are bringing onto the earth and that this time is a fulfillment of the hearts desire of all the true followers of Yeshuah, so that His prayer is fulfilled that what is fulfilled in heaven is brought to the earth and we will walk in harmony with one another and fulfill Your Perfect Will!

Father we pray that those whom President Trump has placed in charge of our Justice Department will do their duty with due diligence and we will see law and order restored in the areas where lawlessness has been permitted by those too scared to stand for truth! Lord, for too long foolish ways of being liberal and feeling sorry for how others feelings have been hurt by speaking the truth. So now it is clear we vote for righteousness or lawlessness. Lord, during this time You are separating the sheep from the goats and wheat from the chaff. It is clear it is love verses hate, faith verses fear, and hope over despair! Lord we look for such an awakening during this time that the enemy will be

defeated! That as You have said through the prophet Jeremiah that (29:11) God says I have thoughts toward you that are thoughts of peace not evil and to give you a future filled with hope! Lord now is that time that we are in and so Lord we rejoice that You have such a plan to be fulfilled now and into our future. Amen! It is so! Alleluia! Amen!

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