Jan 3, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

We lay before You our will and all that You have given us.  Use us in this hour as You will and give us the courage to have a heart like Yours.  A Heart that breaks when You see Your children wounded and lost  and filled with hearts of stone.  Lord give us the compassion we need to intercede and sacrifice so that others will know the love You have given us is from You and that we too cry and  feel the need to touch those who are lost with the love as You want them to experience and see that they too can be a part of Your family and be fully restored and healed of all the hurt and pain that they have endured.  Father make us one in love and draw us closer to You so that in this decade we call 2020 be a sacred time of seeing the Golden Age of Reformation around the world!

First of all Father, we repent of all rebellion and iniquity we have been a part of either by choice or have blindly been led into.  Lord Your Forgiveness brings us hope and a spark of Light that pierces the darkness around us.  We empty our hearts of all that has separated us from You.  Fill us with Your Holy Spirit so that we may see more clearly and hear Your Voice more fully in all that Your have called us to do and be in this hour! Give us Wisdom to discern during this time those we are choose to lead us  in accord with what You have placed in President Trump to fulfill for America, Israel and all the nations who are our friends and to be aware of our enemies and their plots against us.  That our enemies be scattered and no weapon formed against us will prosper.  This is the time that You have designated from the beginning a new and Golden time of reforming us from those who have made us captive to a plot of one world religion and one world government.  This is the hour when all of this will come crashing down and we will see those who have plotted it fall and receive their just punishment for fighting against Your Plans for us.  O lord now is the time for us to see regime changes in nations where there is hatred of freedom and making man god instead of You as the Only and true God! To You be all honor and glory and praise!  With thankful hearts we are happy to be called Yours sons and daughters now and forever!

Father we intercede for President Trump keep him from a ll harm and protect him and all who are one with him from any and all lies and gossip that is meant by evil ones to stop his work that it fall on them and that their words are nothing more than dust and garbage worthy of the pits of Gehenna! Lord, continue to keep him wise as a serpent but as gentle as dove in all his dealings with the world affairs he has to conquer and rule over.  That those spots of heat on the earth like North Korea, China and the Middle East he will have righteous advisers and loyal servers who will do as he commands in protecting America and its people.  Lord continue to give President Trump boldness to defend life and speak up for those who have no voice or pushed into obscurity by those who lord it over them and are filled with lies and deceit.  Lord let his enemies be scattered and Truth and Justice prevail!

Father, we pray for the continuing of reforming our government and all its agencies of Justice, like the FBI, the CIA and others that the righteous will expose and depose all those who are enemies of America.  May any and all from previous administrations and appointees to positions of authority who have betrayed us or made a mockery of Justice fall and seek mercy for the crimes they have committed against us.  Lord continue to raise up those who will rightfully use authority to rid us of all that has ruled against us and held us captive in our court systems and in all the regulations that have hindered our freedom and growth to be who You have destined us to be and do written in our book!

Father, we need a real cleansing among the shepherds of Your people.  Those who have lied and deceived us into believing falsely about the Kingdom and what the Scriptures say to us!  Father may those who have twisted the Scriptures to chase after false rituals and other points that are not in Your Word be shown their errors and either repent and seek forgiveness or be driven from their positions of authority and leadership.  That we may truly worship You in spirit and truth.  Father You have given each of us the gift of the Holy Spirit and He will lead us into all truth if we are willing to seek and to find it.  Bless us now in this New Year and time of Reformation an awareness of the Gospel and what You want us to do and be as Your prophets has conveyed to us.  We are here Lord, Your Army is ready to spread the Kingdom and be a part of Your Harvest of souls now.  That Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven!  Amen!

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