Nov 21, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

we come to you to seek protection from the enemy and his forces who try to stop the advances Your Army is making in this time. Block the enemy’s radar and all his access to our nation’s heart and soul! Keep us focused on the righteousness You cover us with through the Blood of Your Son, Yeshua!  Lord we are assured of victory in healing America and returning her to her proper role in Your Kingdom because of our Faith in Your Son, Yeshua who is our Savior and Lord! Crush the enemy’s attempts at over throwing America and taking back all that has been started through Your Gift of President Trump for our our time and movement into the future!  Give You all the Glory, Honor and Praise for what You have started!

Father, we come against the forces of evil using mind control to confuse us and loose sight of why we are here in this battle for the heart and soul of America. Lord for too long we have listened to the whispers of the evil one to compromise and loosen any of our moral decisions for right and wrong in our lives!  Lord we repent of any and all times when we have listened to the enemy instead of taking heed of Your Word and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  Lord in this day we Your Remnant Army stand firm in our resolve to take on the Mind of Christ in all matters in our lives and the life of America!

Father, we repent of our lack of respect and honor for women, Your crown of creation! Lord as Yeshua showed us we are here to see value in one another and especially women as He treated them as we are told in the Scriptures.  He saw the unique beauty and drew out the love that was in them.  He allowed them to truly be companions and friends of His Gospel message of the Kingdom of God is within us if only we believe in Him and His words and actions!  Grant women their proper role as helpmate and nurturer of life.  Banish from our midst the perversity of sex abuse, sexual perversion  and lack of true control of who we are in Christ Jesus!  Lord help us change our thinking and our language toward women and their creative value that You have placed in them.  Let us respect them as the helpmate, companion, wife, mother and daughter You want for them as Christ loves His Bride!

Father we come against the mind control that is used by the media and all those who have a platform like teachers, educators, journalists, entertainers and people with fame and fortune.  Through the Holy Spirit bring conviction on their lives for all the deception and lies they utter to seek repentance and a total life change so that our nation will always walk in righteousness instead of any form of perversion and immorality!  Lord no longer will we listen to those who tells us to hid the truth or say nothing because it will hurt their feelings.  Lord the Truth is the Truth and we are here as Your Army to align with it for Truth we are set free!  Yeshua is the Way, the Truth and the Life!  We are here to proclaim  Him as such now and for all eternity!

Father again we repent of all the lies we have listened to and accepted as Truth both here in our America and especially in our assemblies/churches!  Lord sweep through our leadership and cleanse us of all fake and false pastors and leaders who are blind and will not be open to the truth!  Lord we trust the Holy Spirit  who convicts us of sin in all its forms and reveals the Truth to us when we seek His Guidance!  Lord for too long we have been disconnected to our true Head, Yeshua!  We seek now a re-aligning of our assemblies as You  separate the goats from the sheep and wheat from the tares first in our assemblies and then across our nation!  Lord we look forward to all that is coming in the days ahead.  We want to be alert and ready to do our part to support the Agenda You have placed I President Trump’s heart to fulfill in these days!  Lord we are here to serve You  body, mind and spirit!

Lord help us in our thinking.  We want to eat of the Tree of Life instead of always be lured into eating of the Tree of Knowledge! Lord we are an Army of Your New Creation for the Kingdom so we stand in unity to defend and preserve and advance this day and all that You have planned for our future!  We leave our fear and doubt on the ground and tread on it in the full armor You have given us and we march forward now in Yeshua’s Name Amen

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