Nov 9, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

Your children are gathered in this hour to seek Protection under the Shadow of Your Wings! And that Waring Angels have been released into our midst in America on this day of decision.  Keep us off the enemy’s radar and scramble all forms of communication for them and keep chaos and confusion in their camp.

This is the day You have made let us rejoice and be glad in it.  Father it is a day when America chooses who will lead us and we are able to voice our commitment to what You have started by the election of President Trump.  It is a day when we can freely choose the direction of our future and it gives us the opportunity to make changes in the way our America sees the future and how we want our Constitution and laws to cover and govern us!  Give us the courage and strength to stand and say what we believe and hope for!

Father we seek the protection of all of our voting facilities that no evil force who bring any damage or threat to our voting process and that all people will be safe in their fulfilling their duty to vote!  That there be no signs of intimidation or reprisals for the vote that they cast.  That at the end of this day all votes will be respectfully and accurately tallied and reported through honesty and integrity by all those American who have officially been chosen to work the polls be true to their duties!  Lord that no voter fraud be a part of this election and if there is any case of it occurring that it be quickly and judiciously be brought to light and stopped!

Father grant Wisdom and Discernment through Your Holy Spirit be brought across the land to guide each American to express their vote for righteous men and women who will truly fulfill the duties of the office that they are seeking.  Lord that we especially choose those You have chosen and anointed to serve us and represent us in this time a crucial time for America!  Lord that in all our voting for whatever office from the Congress and Senate  to the local community offices  and judges , we choose those who are righteous and just in fulfilling their duties!  Lord let us overturn all those who have been lying, cheating and deceiving us for a long time now in this election!  That people even be shocked at the last moment as to who they vote for!  Give us great victory today!

Lord we pray from coast to coast and border to border we see America turn red a red that represents our Faith in You and the Blood of Your Son, Yeshua who is our true King of kings!  That this tsunami of red be a sign of how You have opened the gates of Heaven to pour out a blessing upon us and that it give us the courage to continue to Battle for the spreading of the Kingdom and living in a land of true justice and freedom!

Father, we give You glory, honor, praise and thanksgiving for the victory You are giving us and that so many Americans are waking up to take part in their choice of governing and that they know this is their choice and their duty to keep America living free under our Constitution and laws that make America a beacon of Light in a dark world!  Lord that the world will know that You are making America what You have planned for us since our founding!  That what You are doing here will definitely affect the world around us and have other peoples become free from all forms of tyranny and oppression!

Thank You, Father for the fulfillment of the prophetic Words You have given us by prophets You have anointed for our time.  Thank You for the gift of Mark Taylor in this time as he has been an inspiration for this Strike Force of Prayer Army.  To You, Father be all the Glory!  In Yeshua’s Name we pray! Amen!



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