Aug 5, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

As we are gathered here before You, we ask for Your Protection from all attacks of the enemy.  Keeping off the radar of the enemy and and that his camp be filled with confusion and that all words spoken against Your Servants fall to the ground and be crushed by the Truth!  Lord as we are here keep the lines of communication open and that the enemy has no opportunity to interfere with the call.  That only words from the Holy Spirit dominate our prayers and our unity in the spirit across America as we strike at the enemy and bring all of the United States under Your Kingdom!

Father, we see by the signs in the heavens You are always showing us that Your control is complete. Even by the sign of the blood moon that You have Your Hand over America and Israel and all the sheep nations who stand in unity before You. Lord we are in awe of how You bring together and fulfill the words of your prophets even in our day. We are so grateful to be alive in this time to see that we have the authority by Faith to remove mountains and see the evil falling from their lofty places here on the earth.

Lord just as You had Moses hand over the leadership to Joshua we are seeing now that new leadership is forming as we pray over our elections that will soon be in our midst!  That You are orchestrating movements and projects that make people aware of Your Agenda that You have placed in the heart of our President Trump.  Continue to give him Wisdom from the Holy Spirit and continue to form his dream team to bring about reformation in our nation in all branches of our government so that our Youth will be ready when they are to follow in our footsteps.  Lord send us more mentors, disciples and teachers of the Truth among our Youth so that our future is bright by the Light You shine upon us.

Lord, we know You are a Jealous God who watches over those whom You love and have chosen. We give back to You because You have first loved us and shown the depth of Your Love through Yeshua, Your Son and our Savior! We know You are faithful to us by Your covenant of the Blood of Your Son, so Lord we repent of any times we have forgotten or broken covenant with Your.  We are here to say we are Yours and use us to do Your Will here on earth so that Your Kingdom is the only thing that matters most!

Father spread You Blanket of comfort over Your people Lord so that we rest assured of Your Protection in all that we go through each day.  We intercede for Your comfort for all those who have been devastated by trauma in their lives like the people in Chicago who loose family members to violence because the mindset of those who govern is not in accord with Your Commands.  Raise up new leaders anointed by You to turn the major cities of our land back to living in true brotherhood and at peace with one another no matter what color, race or walk of True Faith!

Lord comfort the people devastated by the fires that are in our land those who have lost everything and find themselves sitting in ashes! Lord bring the cooling rains that will quench these fires.  Protect all those who are fighting these fires: all firemen and women and volunteers and first responders who rush to save and rescue people, animals and property of others!  Thank you for government leaders who stand in the gap for their people, especially President Trump as he decides on how to help those in need in this hour!  Lord use us to comfort Your people however we can as the Holy Spirit inspires us!

Lord we continue to intercede for those who have suffered trauma  in their lives, especially in the grief of loosing loved ones by violence, disasters and accidents that we have no power over.  Lord we trust You that all these things that happen are used by You to draw us closer to You and be dependent to know that in Christ we can do all things and You have a sacred Plan for us that is for our good in this life and into eternity.

Lord we know You have Your Hand  protecting Israel also for it Your sacred land and as has been prophesied we are in union with Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu and all the people in Your land.  Prosper them and comfort them in their time of sorrow also, for the future is bright because of Your Light shining on them in this hour!

Thank You Father for hearing our prayers and giving us answers by Your miraculous ways in which You move among us!  We pray in Yeshua’s Name knowing it will be fulfilled. Amen!

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