May 7, 2019

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Heavenly Father,    

We come with humble, contrite hearts before Your Heavenly Court Room seeking to intercede on behalf of America, Israel and all nations that are in the struggle to be a part of Your Kingdom here on earth!  First of all Father surround us with Your Heavenly Host to protect us from any assault of the enemy toward us personally, our families, our blessings from You and all that we care for and watch over.  Keep us off the enemy’s radar and out of the scope of his frequencies and other means of interfering with our communication systems.  Let the chaos, rebellion, anxiety and turmoil remain in his own camp and keep it far away from us Your Army encamped here in this time of prayer and intercession!  Let everyone on this call be united in spirit and truth!  To proclaim You Lord and Savior and that way nothing from our past — be it from our bloodlines or generational influences — have any legal openings for satan to attack or accuse us!  We are set free in declaring You are Lord and therefore we are totally Yours!

Lord, as Your Scriptures have taught us in Leviticus that life is in the blood. We apply to ourselves the Blood of Yeshuah that washes us clean of all sin, rebellion and iniquity! We cover ourselves, our families and all that we hold dear and cherish as Gifts from You! We divorce ourselves from any legal claims of the evil one on ourselves.  We are here free because of the price that Yeshuah has paid for us by His Sacrifice and the Blood He shed for us that now covers the Mercy Seat!  We are eternally grateful.  You see us as Your own and we have no one but You to claim as our Lord!

In these moments Lord, we remember that in the past the children of Israel applied the blood of the lamb on the door posts to be passed over by the angel of death.  Now we in the spirit place the Blood of Yeshuah on the door posts of America from border to border and sea to sea!  We lay claim to return to the covenant our forefathers and mothers made with You to dedicate America to You and Your purposes for this land.  Let no portal, opening, or altar for the evil one have any legal right on our land.  Whatever is on the land or under the land by tunnels, caves and other hidden places be exposed and destroyed and brought to full submission to the Cross of Christ and may Your Holy Angels deal with these spirits and drive them from our land of America now!  Lord, let us continue to see more and more of the Hammer of Justice fall on all those who have had anything to do with this abomination in our land.  May they meet the true punishment they deserve.  Save us Lord from it all and restore this nation as You are doing now in our day!  For this we are indeed grateful and stand with Your Will.

Lord, we apply the Blood to our leaders, especially President Trump and all those who are with him to establish and remake America in the Plan You have for us!  May the Blood cover all righteous men and women who serve in our Justice system and our Court system.  Truly apply Your Justice and Mercy in the cases brought before them. May they have the discernment to see what is worth ruling on and that which is just fake and foolish.  That we may see the gift of Wisdom You gave Solomon to rule Israel be upon our government officials and those who are called to serve and protect the people of America. That they rule us by our Constitution & original documents of law that are truly based on Your Sacred Scriptures and set the proper standards that we live by.  Thank You, Lord for overseeing this in America in our day!

Lord, we also apply the Blood of Yeshuah on the nation of Israel.  We know this land is sacred to You and there is to be no division of the land. That the people of Israel will come to know Yeshuah is the Messiah and Lord that they have been longing for since He first walked the land and shed His innocent Blood there!  It is sacred to You and to us who believe and pray for the peace of Jerusalem.  That the land will be cleansed of all sin, rebellion and iniquity by those who have falsely made claim to the land or who have brought evil into the land by the perversions of sexual abuse, and other forms of idolatry into the land.  Cleanse it now by the Blood of Yeshuah and release Your Holy Angels to drive out the demonic influences that hold sway over the land and its government. Make it Lord the Holy Land You have destined it to be!  Let Prime Minister Netanyahu and those You have placed in government truly live by the Scriptures that You gave us there.

Lord we intercede to apply the Blood of Yeshuah for other nations and their people who want to be aligned as a nation in Your Kingdom.  We pray for Canada, Mexico, and all of Central and South America!  We pray for the nations of Europe to return to their true heritage of following Christ as they were established and we pray for all nations that are in turmoil especially if they are persecuting people of Faith like in China and most of the lands of Asia and into the island nations like Japan, Philippines and others.  Lord may the Holy Spirit continue the great Fire of change to blow across the world.  We are so grateful to see it and to be a part of Your Prayer Warriors in this Kingdom Army to spread the Good News that Yeshuah is Messiah & Lord. Amen!

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