May 12, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

You have created us in Your Image, male and female You have created us. What an awesome and wondrous mystery that man and woman in unity image You!  Such an honor that You have bestowed on us that You have placed in our hands the dominion over creation, which our first parents gave up, but because of your Son, Yeshua/Jesus we have been restored and received authority to live and abundant life by walking in the footsteps of Your Son.  Our vision of one another has been changed we are to see the worth and value of one another, the price of the blood of Your Son, Yeshuah!

So Father, we are here to walk in the spirit of repentance to restore and make whole the unity that You have created in man and woman together.  When we truly love one another we will bring heaven to earth.  First of all Father as men we want to repent for our lack of respect for all women whether it be our mothers, our wives, our daughters, our sisters or women friends!  Lord we repent of being harsh and judgmental of all women that we lack the courtesy to see them really as our help meet. They are a means to meet You, God, their heart is filled with tenderness and soothing motherly ways that can open our hearts to hear You.  For as they grow in Love of You then we are drawn closer to Your Heart.  Father, in Your Word, the Scriptures we see that the qualities we call feminine are just as much a part of You as what we call masculine qualities.  O Lord how blind we have been to make one superior to the other when You created us to be equal and to share in the dominion of creation.  Lord, forgive us and with this time we place a covering of loving protection over all women, especially those who touch each of us personally!

Father, we repent of all the abusive language in speaking to women.  For not listening with our heart when they reveal their heart and the wisdom You have given them.  Lord that we may gather understanding of seeing life as they see it and not to be afraid or scared we our going to lose our power in any situation.  Lord, to give up that we have to be right or that we cannot make mistakes or show the weakness of even shedding tears when it is necessary to release and express the deep feeling inside of man just as it is so with a woman!  Lord, that our vision of one another is changed by seeing women as Jesus the Christ showed us in His moments with them as we see in the Gospels.  Lord give us men compassion to be a support and an assurance in a woman’s time of need in her heartfelt honesty and trust!  Lord that we can bridge the gap between us by acceptance and understanding by having the mind of Christ Jesus in all matters, especially those that matter most in honor and respect for one another.

Father, that as men we will have the respect and honor for women in their physical well being.  That we see their beauty as a part of who they are and not as property to lust after or covet because of who they are with or how they have chosen to live their lives.  Father, this day we honor mothers.  They are sacred to You and they are sacred to us.  For as Your Word tells us the fruit of their womb is a great blessing to bring forth children as all created in Your Image! Lord, that as men of Faith we will stand for modesty and purity of conduct in dress and behavior.  To have a pure heart that honors and respects the sacredness of woman as the Image of Your heart and the closeness or understanding Your never ending love and tenderness to forgive and restore in Christ Jesus!

Father, we are here to protect all women and bring healing and restoration to all who have suffered abuse whether physical, mental or spiritual.  Lord that we may always be used to bring confidence and belief to women, especially those who feel abandoned and rejected by any circumstance that they have faced in their lives.  That the love that is offered through Your Son is given through us to those You placed in our lives to protect, nourish and guide into Your Way O Lord!

Father throughout the Scriptures You always us the image of a husband and wife as a means of understanding Your love for us and the covenant You have made with us.  That when man and woman truly are united in spirit and truth You are present and that we can draw even closer to You!  For the very word  racham in Hebrew is the word which expresses Your love.  It is the love a mother carrying a child in her womb.  The sacredness of hearing that truly draws us closer to You and how intimate You the God who put order in the universe wants to be close to each of us.   O Lord how glorious are Your ways.  You have created us in Your Image and we are so privileged to make Your kingdom come now and for all eternity.  Amen

Lord so we say now and decree over all women love, honor and respect be yours as is planned by You, Father from the foundation of the world.  We make our prayer in Jesus Christ our Lord in the unity of the Holy Spirit Amen!

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