Jul 18, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

Under Your Protective Love we come as Your warriors to do battle to spread Your Kingdom here in the United States of America and throughout the earth! Through the Protection of Your Heavenly Host keep us off the enemy’s radar and scramble all of his frequencies and his attempts to interfere in our sacred time together.  Let all confusion, rebellion, iniquity and chaos and sin remain in his camp as we are followers of Your Son, Yeshuah our Messiah and Lord. We know we are purified and made worthy to worship and give you glory because of the Blood that has made atonement for us and made us a new creation to fulfill Your Plans for us to be Your Family as it was in the beginning is now and will be forever!

Father, as we meditate and consume Your Word we are in a time of Visitation with You!  That Your Joy is to be one with us as You are with Your Son and because of Him we are now assured of Your everlasting Love for us.  You cherish each of us a special treasure that You have created in earthen vessels and You hold us in the Palm of Your Hands.  We are so grateful that You have called us and made us for such a time as this. 

We are grateful for pour past and our heritage of Faith that has been passed on to us by the generations who have sacrificed to pass on to us this great nation under You as the only and true God we worship.  No other false god or religious ideas matter to us but You, O Lord!   Forgive us for foolishly allowing other religions and ideals creep into put us in the turmoil we endure in our day.  Lord we say Enough.  The United States of America is Yours and we look to You O Lord to make us one nation under You with Liberty and Justice for all!

Father, we repent on behalf of ourselves and any who have foolishly spoke words of mockery, insult and slander against the anointed You have given to lead us during these days of change and return to what America was established to be and do!  Lord we intercede for President Trump, his wife and family and all who are aligned with him in his administration and all elected officials who in righteousness walk with him to push forward Your Plan for us and the generations to follow!  As Isaiah the prophet has send: here I am Lord send me!

We are here to speak and defend the Truth and to support all that is Just and True.  Yes, Lord give President Trump the Wisdom he needs to stop the enemy’s forces among us.  That those who have been treasonous and stood for betrayal and have taken the bribe continue to be exposed and brought to Justice, no matter who they are or what political affiliation or for that matter what religious affiliation they have.  From the White House to our house we want our land purified of the filth that has been accumulated and brought about by all those who hate instead of love the Gift You have given us.

O Lord we intercede for all the children, women and men who have been victims of sex trafficking and the abuse and molestation of their innocence.  Father we repent on behalf of all that they have suffered and we seek total restoration for them and a healing of all their memories and experiences so that they will feel Your Love has restored their innocence and that they are a new creation in Christ Jesus! 

Lord, continue to give strength and courage to all the men and women who are making a difference in these hurt ones lives by their rescuing and saving them from the clutches of these evil ones.  May the Hammer of Justice continue to smash the likes of these perverts and their lusts of the flesh which You abhor!  O Lord let Justice prevail and all those who have had any part of this on the earth receive the punishment they deserve now!  As You place before us; Choose what You want Life or Death. Goodness or Evil, Purity or lust, Innocence or Perversion.  Lord as Joshua said long ago:  As for my house we will serve the Lord and remain faithful to His Commands!

Lord during moments of unrest and chaos caused by the rebellious keep us safe in Your Strong Grip that we may patiently and confidently know that this will pass and we will walk through it all victoriously!  We are in Your hands Lord and know You hear and answer us because we are covered by the th Blood of Yeshua and are in unity by the Holy Spirit Amen!

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