Jan 4, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

          As we start the New Year here in America we want to re-dedicate ourselves to be Your Army of Prayer Warriors.  Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit we ant to fulfill the battle plans You have for us as we start the year of 2019.  Father, we are here to do our part to take down any strong man and his stronghold in the land of America.  We are here to push through Your prophetic Plan You have already begun and have in place for us to fulfill as we serve You in Your Kingdom Army!  We dedicate to You all the spoils from our victories that we receive so that You are glorified and that we can say: See how our God provides for us.  We are so grateful that You Have chosen us!

          Father, many make resolutions to change in their lives, but for us Lord our resolution is to become more and more like the image of Your Son, Yeshua and that we love one another as Your Son showed us to love.  Our resolution is to take on the mind of Your Christ.  Also to speak more and more boldly and clearly the Good News of Salvation  especially to those in darkness and to offer a helping hand to the widow, the orphan, the homeless, the abandoned in our land.  Lord that we might truly be a part of the rescue team You need in this day to follow Your orders as a true Soldier of Christ!

          Father we seek a cleansing of all that defiles our land and may that being with our own repentance from defilement.  Lord we seek the removal of corruption of those in power politically, socially and yes even in our assemblies/churches.  We stand against all that defiles the innocent, especially the children.  By the authority given us through Your Son, Yeshua, we strike at the strongholds of pornography, abortion, child trafficking, blood sacrifices and all other forms of sexual perversion.  We strike in the spirit at any strongman and his stronghold that promotes, supplies and continues in this evil indulgence no matter where it is practices here, in the ground, in the air or any secret hiding place.  Lord we stand with Your Son that we will overcome evil with good works and the sacrifice of Love conquers all!  We know that You have us in the palm of Your Hand  so that any push back from the enemy cannot harm us or stop the progress of Your Army moving from victory to victory.

          As Your Army of Prayer warriors we continue our protective shield of prayer around President Trump, his wife, Melania and all of his family and all those who serve with him to keep America safe and secure as a nation under Your kingdom rule now and into the future through our children and the generations to follow until your coming in Glory.  We also re confirm our commitment to put a protective shield around Your prophetic voices in our day, Mark Taylor and other prophetic men and women who speak under Your Mantle that You have covered them so that they will speak into our assemblies/churches so that we will always worship You in Spirit and Truth.

          As Your Army we re-dedicate all of the first fruits of our labor.  We seek blessings on all those who raise crops to feed America and all the nations we are involved with by fair trade and treaties of peace and mutual cooperation in honesty and integrity.   Father, we also want the best for Your sacred land of Israel and its people.  That more nations in the world will seek to live under the Peace of Jerusalem.  That more nations will recognize that Israel is forever and the City of David Jerusalem is its capital.  Lord that through the efforts of President Trump and other leaders who align with him that Israel is our friend and we continue to stand by Israel’s side for Your Word is true that those who bless Israel will be blessed and that those who curse will have that curse fall on them.

          Lord the first fruits are Yours from all that You bless us with in this season. Lord, prepare our hearts to receive and fulfill all that lies ahead in this year.   That we may always see Your Loving Hand over us in every difficulty we face and see all works for good for those who love You.  Our resolve is in Your Hands now and we are determined to follow You no matter what the cost, because we know we are loved by You.  You are a loving Father who never forgets His children.  We know You hear us for we pray in confidence in Yeshua’s/Jesus name! Amen.



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