Jan 15, 2021

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Heavenly Father,

We come to You with humble contrite hearts let all that is within us in any form of sin of betrayal or spiritual treason be washed clean by the Blood of Your Son Yeshuah whom we love with all of our heart! Father this really is a time of separation when You see clearly those of us who are for Your Will be done on earth and those who are in rebellion and resistance to Your Kingdom ruling on the earth. Father let Your Holy Angles surround us during these days as we continue to fight for what is right and to stand firm with our prophetic voice of Mark Taylor and others that we will see a second term for President Trump and we will see the corrupt to fall from their thrones! Father, we hold on to You and what You said will happen in this day we know it to be true. For it is not by power and not by might but by My Spirit that my Will be done on the earth now and forever! Father whatever we have to go through during these days strengthen us to remain faithful and to see Your Glory reign now!

Father let Your Holy Spirit pour out His Discerning Wisdom upon us so that we test the spirits properly so we know when we hear Your voice and know that whom we listen to is really from You and of You. Lord in the spirit of Elijah we come against all the prophets of Baal, as he did in the spirit we strike them down and kill their influence in our day. We come against all the altars of false worhip nd in the spirit by the authority of Jesus break apart these altars that they are completely destroyed with no stones left standing. Release Your Holy Fire in this hour to burn up all the resistance and rebellion we see in our elected leaders may they all face the consequences of their betrayal and treasonous acts to go against the will of We the People who have duly re-elected President Trump. Lord cover us with Your robe of righteousness so no attack of the enemy will stop what we have prayed for and that Your Will be done in spite of the resistance of man! It is time Lord to show Your Mighty Hand during these days! The separation we see will soon turn to victory as You planned for us! Lord we know this is all part of the plan to re-set America to be what You have destined us to be from the beginning. Father we truly rejoice that we are seeing this happen. We will not cower in fear but stand firm in Faith knowing You are with us and will never leave us nor forsake us for Your loving kindness endures forever!

Father in the authority of Your Son, Yeshuah we bind the spirits of Jezebel and other forms of demonic expression that we see in the public domain. That Your Word is true no weapon formed against us will prosper and our enemies will be scattered and utterly destroyed. Father we agree with the words that You spoke to us through Mark Taylor’s words: The Spirit of God says that prophets and priests have prophesied by Ball, committed adultery with Jezebel and spread words of dreams and visions from their own heart and not from Your Heart. O Lord we will not listen any longer to this stench of betrayal and treason. Silence them Lord fill their mouth with dust and ashes! May their fiery arrows of bearing false witness against our President Trump and those who are aligned with him strike their own hearts that either one repents or faces the Hammer of Justice and smashes them to dust! Father, this is the time to see Your Glory and cover us with the Shadow of Your Wings to keep us safe and strong in defending Your Kingdom now and into the future. Here is our voice Lord so we praise You! We give You Glory and Honor! We gladly proclaim Jesus is Lord and now is the hour of our salvation and being lifted up to be one with You in harmony and harmony with one another In Christ Jesus Our Lord! Amen! It is so!

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