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Heavenly Father,

We come to you with repentant hearts seeking a closeness to You so that we are protected under the shadow of Your Wings.  Release Your Warrior Angels surround us as we battle the enemy and continue to march in taking back America and to conquer new territory for Your kingdom hereon earth. Lord, keep us off the enemy’s radar and keep the enemy unaware of what Your Plan for us today.  Lord, we ask for the awareness and focus we need today to strike the enemy with blows from which he will not recover!

Lord, as we start this New Year, we know it is another chance to make up where we have fallen because of our weakness toward sin.  But You are a God of second chances and Your mercies are new every morning, so we know that we are assured of victory and that we are called to live life as You have ordered it to be.

Lord, You ask us to be mindful of the Youth! –to protect, guide and nurture our children.  No matter if we have a family or not we are here to defend children and to love them as the precious gift they are.  Prophetic words have been spoken over them and we are here to nurture the seed of Faith and Truth that is in them to grow and sustained by Hope and Love!

First of all Father, we want to repent in any way we have failed or forgotten our duty to love and honor them as You love and honor them!

We repent of the way that child abuse in its many forms has taken children and made them apart of the child trafficking and led to abandoning them on the streets without food or shelter.  Lord, bless those families who are willing to adopt and give them a second chance of finding mothers and fathers here in our cities and towns.

Lord, we repent for the evil curse that has been spoken over the children even by their own parents who have been in a rage over their

mistakes.  We pent of the abuse that alcohol  and drug addiction that has been in our homes and so many places of darkness on our streets!  Bless those, Lord, who tend to the needs of our Youth on the streets.  O, Lord that we continue to intercede and do as You call us to minister to our youth, just as Yeshua gathered the children to Himself and blessed them!

Lord, forgive us for all the sexual perversion of homosexuality, the abomination of adult-child relationships fulfilling the lust of the flesh!  Lord bless those who are doing all they can to stop this insanity!  Lord give us strength to do our part in any way we can to stop the destruction of our youth and their innocence!

Lord, forgive us for allowing pedophilia to run rampant even in our churches and places of corruption in our government!  Lord that those who are a part of this perversion either repent or suffer the consequences of these evil choices through the proper prosecution by our laws and policing for these crimes!  Bless those with Wisdom and fortitude who continue the fight this on our streets!  So that our youth will have a second chance at living an innocent life under our protection and guidance according to Your Word!

Lord forgive us for making our children face issues that are beyond their age of comprehension with the issue of sexual identity.  Stop this perversion called trans-gender in Yeshua’s name!  Lord we pray for a return to appreciate sex as You created it to be and the differences You put us as men and women, boys and girls.  We want to love ourselves as You love us and value us!  Our Lord and Savior makes us new and able to walk in His Righteousness all of us believe and accept Yeshua are children of the Most High and walk in His Light.

Lord, we pray for fathers to rise up as true leaders of the family and show love and honor and respect for their wive/mothers of their families and to guide and direct their children through Love of Christ that is planted in their hearts by the Holy Spirit.

Lord, we pray for mothers to continue to rise up as nurtures and teachers in their families to be moms who are always there to oversee and love the children!

Lord, may we remember the practice to bless our children as we see it done in the scriptures.  We are here to bless and it must begin in our home over each family member!.  Lord You are our example of how to

bless as You bless us fresh every morning!

Lord, I pray in Yeshua’s Name!  Now Lord, hear the heartfelt cry of all my brothers and sisters bonded together now as they voice their concerns in Yeshua’s Name Amen!!


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