Jul 31, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

We open our hearts to You and seek forgiveness for all the times we have not listened to Your Commands. Without You we are lost and have no power over the enemy. We seek to draw closer to You for with You nothing is impossible and You love us with an everlasting love and You have promised to never leave us or forsake us.  Father, we are so dependent on You for all we have and all that You want us to do. Release You Heavenly Host to move against the enemy we face who is out to kill, steal and destroy our life here in America.  So Lord we repent of any sin we have committed or have been too weak to speak against from the taking of life from the womb to the abandonment of our elderly to those who are of darkness.  Lord, in this hour we say enough of death and destruction let Your Light and Life shine brightly now to uncover the darkness and awake more of the people of America to see the darkness and deceit of groups like black lives matter, Marxism, socialism communism and all of the isms of our day that are part of the evil plans to make us slaves to darkness.  Let Your Light shine bright now!

Father continue to bless and protect President Trump and all those who stand in righteousness with him in this battle to remake and rebuild America as a nation that believes in You, God  and not the gods of this world.  Give President Trump a sacred moment in the days ahead to encounter Your Holy Spirit so he may see clearly why You have chosen him and to have a conviction to trust You completely in all he does for America.  Lord, he faces a host of enemies who are out to destroy him and drive him from office, but Lord as we pray we know that You have a plan that will not be stopped.  Lord give this army of Yours inspiration and valor to do all we can to make this time of elections honest and true.  That we will vote for righteous men and women who will represent us and rebuild our nation under You and with knowledge that You get all the glory and praise for all that we see is being done!  Thank You Father for putting us on this earth at this time to be a part of the Great Work You are doing now and into our future!

Father, we intercede in this hour for our judicial system that we have allowed to run rampant and rough shod over our lives.  How the family has been broken up by judgments that are unfair and burdensome for those involved.  Lord, for too long the innocent have been treated as guilty instead of  innocent until proven guilty.  Too often we have had judges who have taken the bribe or ruled by favoritism and prejudice in cases they should have not ruled on.  Lord give wisdom to President Trump to appoint those who are truly worthy of the calling to decide by the truth of the facts before them.

Lord as we vote during this time when there are those who are to be elected as judges that we will truly examine them and see they are fit for that position.  Lord, give us a nation true discernment so that we  take our responsibility to make our government of the people and  for the people!  Lord, just as You gave Wisdom to Moses in choosing judges for the people may we have that same Wisdom in our day!

Lord, thank You for raising up righteous men and women to take on the responsibility to represent us

to encourage us and lead us into the plans You have for us.  Lord, we want to listen to our hearts when You whisper the direction and the action You have for us to take and bring about.  Lord, thank You for the gift of America!

Lord,we are in a time when the force of evil are raging but we know victory is ours!  The riots

and rebellious action we see going on will fall and be brought to Justice.  For the righteous will rise up  and bring to a close this communist rebellion.  Lord, as more of Your people awaken to the truth of this war that is being waged around them their hearts will be determined to bring back that which is lost or stolen and that we will see clearly those who have no god and those whose God is the Lord!  Just as You have brought miracles to happen in our battle to be set free in the beginning even more miracles will come alive in our day!  Lord You have a great plan for us to see Your Glory all around and this nation living in peace and harmony with one another! A dream You have planned to come true!  We give You glory, honor and praise now and forever! Amen!

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