Aug 8, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

We come into Your throne Room and the Courts of Heaven covered by the Blood of Your Son, Yeshuah/Jesus.  We know Father that we have been washed clean of all sin and iniquity and now can come boldly before You to pray for our Nation and all of Your People living here.  We seek first of all a reconciliation among your people that we will see one another as You see us through Your Son, Jesus, that each of us is of great value to You and that with Your Fatherly and Motherly love You hold us in the Palm of Your Hand and have plans for us that are for our betterment and a way as Your Son has shown us the way to fulfill Your Perfect Will here on earth as it is in heaven.

Father, we proclaim that You are the only God our nation will serve and we will have no strage gods before You.  In the authority that Jesus has given us we strike down all the altars have arisen in our land from Satanic rituals to worshiping false gods from the Orient and even the Middle East that there is no god Like You, God.  We are a nation who made a covenant with You some 400 years ago when our forefathers first came to this land to worship you in liberty and that no man who make us slaves to any certain controlling way of how to be religiously.  That our land was dedicated by followers of Jesus the Christ and the Holy Scriptures were the only means whereby we would be ruled.

Lord, make us more mindful of who we really are in our Christian Heritage.  That our founding Fathers and mothers would even be willing to shed their blood to make this a land to be a free people without  being governed by tyrants or any other laws than that is found in Your Word.  Lord awaken in all Americans that are very Declaration of Independence and Constitution in the beginning was based on the Scriptures.  In those days everyone read those Scriptures and it was used to teach our children a new way of life in this sacred dedicated land.  Oh Lord how far we are from those days, but by the power of the Holy Spirit we are now on the verge and the beginning steps of an Awakening here in our land that will inspire us to again be a nation to spread the Gospel around the world and to be as the prophets have told us to be spearhead or the point of the sword to bring in the Great Harvest You have planned in this new era/age!

Father, in this time of confusion, chaos and rebellion awaken Your People here in America that now is the perfect time to redo our education system to even begin in our own homes the education  of our children through homeschooling.  Lord You inspired things like and other such opportunities to be brought forth.  Now inspire Your People to take it upon themselves to do it!  That in this time the whole education can return to being biblically based.  That we will return to daily meditating on Your Word and not be afraid to even mention the Word in our daily conversation and to use it to influence our culture and to return us to a morality that teaches right from wrong.  That we will see it is more important to choose life over death when it comes to children in the womb that we will truly see the abomination of marriage that is called same sex marriage and all the perversion we have allowed to rule in our land from pedephila to all kinds of sex trafficking.  Lord, thank You that You have given us a President who is doing something about these important issues. And as we are bringing this before You we seek his re-election in a red tsunami of votes that are protected and safe guarded by righteousness and those who are corrupt in attempting to defraud the election will be exposed and brought to Justice so that America will know the power of the vote and that it is a sacred right that no one is allowed to tamper with.  May all those who are plotting right now to do these vile and contemptuous things be brought down by the Sword of Justice and if they will not stop that Your mighty Hand will take them out of here either by law enforcement or even by their facing You in their moment of leaving the earth by death!  Lord, we stand in righteousness we are no longer a weak nation being deceived by lovey-dovey ways but stand by the Truth and Justice for Your Kingdom is a Kingdom of Justice and so what is in heaven we want on earth now!  Lord let the Holy Spirit like a mighty rushing wind blow across our land in every state, county, city, town or community to bring the Great Awakening to become stronger everyday even if it means a separation of the goats from the sheep or the weeds from the wheat.  Now is the time Lord, we are readying ourselves and are Your people who say: Here we are Lord, use as You Will.  It is so! Amen and Alleluia!

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