Jul 31, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

​Under Your Protective Love we open our hearts to You so that we may draw closer to You! You are the source of all we are and all we do to fulfill Your Perfect Will now!  Keep us under the shadow of Your Wings as the enemy is always trying to defeat us and draw us away from You by bringing chaos and rebellion to the earth.  Our hearts are set on You and Your Plan for us.  We know You will never leave us or forsake us.  Your are faithful to the Covenant that our forefathers and mothers made with You. We intercede that more of the people of America will awaken and arise to be committed to the Covenant established with You in this 400th year of remembrance!  Lord, like Israel of old this land made a covenant with You because of our heritage of believing in Jesus the Christ who set us free from sin and iniquity!  Lord, during this time we seek more committed men and women to rise up and lead us in this commitment to live in Justice and truth!

            Lord, it is You we worship and are grateful for all that You have created and Lord we want to fulfill what You began that man is here to increase and multiply.  Multiply Your Life here on earth and to take care of the earth as You Sill it to be.  Lord, we repent of any false idols or objects of creation that we hold in better regard than You have wanted.  That we see all things as You see them and that we honor and respect these gifts that You have bestowed on us but we worship You the one who has made it all.  To You we give all honor and glory and praise in thanksgiving for there is none like You!  Lord, to think that You the Creator of Universe still want an intimate time with each of us, to call You, ABBA

Daddy as Your Son has spoken into our hearts! Yes, we have even been taught wrong to see You as a distant God one who is ready to judge and condemn.  But now we see You are one filled with loving kindness for all those who love You in return.  Yes, You will destroy evil in all its forms but it is us that You take pride in and watch over us and with us every second of everyday how awesome You are Father!

            Lord, we seek clear discernment during these day when there is upheaval and rebellion by those who do not know You., and those who have walked away from all that they have been given in Faith.  Lord, we intercede for all the leaders of America who need to repent and repair that which they have either stolen or destroyed.  For too long Your people have been fearful and silent, but that is changing now as more and more our bravely speaking out and reveling the truth about all those who have lied and deceived us.  Lord bless and protect all those on he front lies who reveal the truth and are even ready to step into situations to save and rescue those who have fallen prey and are unable to see their way clearly.  Now Lord bless all those who are working to stop child trafficking and the abuse that our children have been subject to.  Give Wisdom to our President and all those aligned with him to move in Justice to bring America to its role of a shining Light on the Hill to bring freedom and harmony to mankind in every nation that calls our God their God!

            Lord, continue to make us aware that words that sound nice like serving the poor and social justice are just clanging symbols unless Jesus the Christ is the center of the work.  It wounds nice but do You know them?  You have said we can walk among others even to heal and bring release to others but You will say to them on that day: I never knew You!  We are here to worship You in spirit and truth. We are to have no false idols before You.  You are the God who created it all, but man has sinned and twisted even Your Words to have things man’s way instead of being humble and contrite recognizing we re to be meek as our Savior/Messiah was meek: gentle toward all!  Filled with compassion yet able to speak words of conviction of the Holy Spirit to bring a change of heart.  As the psalmist has said 1 put a thousand to flight with 2 :10,000 to flight!  Yes, Lord we have the Power with in us because You have bestowed authority on us so now we boldly proclaim strike down all enemy strongholds and place the Fire of God at the root of all their financial sources so that we sill see them fall before the Cross either seeking forgiveness or making recompense for all that has been lost, stolen or destroyed.  Lord we give You all glory, honor and praise now and forever!  Amen!

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