Sep 3, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

We come to You in Praise and thanksgiving for we are washed clean by the Blood of Your Son, Jesus the Christ! We have nothing to fear for Your Loving Arms surround us with protection and comfort from Your Holy Spirit! Father  release Your heavenly Host in this hour as we are gathered here to proclaim Jesus is Lord and we want Justice here as it is in heaven and that we too live by law and order as everything in ruled that way in heaven! Father, Your Son has taught us not to fear You but revere You! To worship You in spirit and truth.  If we love You and make You the center of all we do and say we have nothing to fear even those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul!  You have given us a spirit of love and a strong power for self control!  Lord if any of us feel fear we place in Your Hands for we know You will never leave us nor forsake us.  We want to see more clearly with spiritual eyes the victory you have planned fro us even in this hour!

Father, here in America we have those who do not revere You nor have any respect for Your Commandments/Torah!  The lawlessness we see in our  treets is because of those who say there is no God and  e is far from us.  Fools that they are Lord may the Light  ierce their darkness! Lord bless those who are standing  o protect Your people especially those in law  nforcement.  That they be protected from the hate and  emonstrations of violence against them.  Lord we pray  or these mayors of Chicago, Seattle, Kenosha , Portland  nd other cities who have abandoned righteousness and  iven in to the blindness of being liberal and fearful of  peaking with authority to protect their people and to  aise the standard of God in all that needs to be done in  his hour!   Lord, continue to raise up men and women  ho will take the lead to turn this chaos around. Unify us  ord in this prayer so that first we win in the heavenlies  nd we will see it manifest in our cities!  We bind the  trong man and break the  power of these strongholds of  he enemy by the Blood of Jesus and to see the  ovement of the Holy Spirit in these areas so that law  nd order are returned.  Thank You, Father for blessing  s with President Trump and all who are aligned with him  o do the right thing to bring this to a close and to  rosecute those who have done evil and have them face  he just punishment that they deserve for being a part of  he kill, steal and destroy. Lord, Your people are crying  ut so now is the time to  set free from this tyranny of the  sms that are from the pits of hell!  Lord the only banner  e wave over us is the Blood of Jesus the Christ!

Father we pray that You will give to President Trump all the wisdom he needs to lead us in truly trusting You as a nation.  That there will definitely a fulfillment of what Your prophet Mark has said about the Supreme Court, have it happen now in this hour!  Also the prophet’s words that it is end of the corrupt, that we will see Justice prevail in seeing those arrested for the evil they have freely chosen to be a part of.  Thank You Father,, when we see the children being rescued from child trafficking.   Thank You for bringing law and order back into our society as a whole! Thank You, Father for the Great Awakening that is taking root here in America and is spreading across the earth.   We thank You Father for raising up prayer warriors who are banding together.  Bless all of the leaders of our state calls in the Strike Force of prayers and them leaders of International calls in places like India, Kenya and other nations rising to have You as their Lord and Messiah.  Lord, we are so grateful to be alive in this hour for it is a sacred time and the beginning of the time You are to dwell with us here on earth as it is in heaven! Amen! It is so!

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