Mar 9, 2021

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Heavenly Father,

We this band of Prayer Warriors come by the Blood of Jesus, Your Son to be in the Your heavenly Courts to proclaim You as the only one we worship and we are under the shadow of Your Wing so we are protected from all the advances of the enemy and all of his plans will fall on them to cause confusion and turmoil in their own camp! Father, our eyes are focused on You and You alone nothing matters to u but that Your Will be done on earth as it is in heaven!

Father, we declare in the Name of your Son that what You have Promised will come to pass. We are here believing that we will have President Trump back in his rightful position in these days. That all of the lying and cheating will fall in these days as Your prophets have said. Yes Lord this is a new era! Yes Lord we declare this is a time of Justice, a time of law and order to return to our nation and all those in nations who proclaim Jesus the Christ as Lord and Savior. Ye, Lord it is time for righteousness to prevail and we declare that all those who promote communism, socialism, transgenderism and all the forms of hatred and division are to be swept away and no longer have a hold on our children or America! We declare these isms are lies from the pit of hell and have no place in our lives! We are free and have new thinking because we are changing our thinking into the Mind of Christ Jesus and are here to be a living sacrifice to You so that we will walk in harmony of Your Perfect Will for us on this day and everyday forward!

Father, we are in agreement with our sister Elvira as you has declared her prayer over the Netherlands that they too will see Your Mighty Hand move among the nations! Your Plan is for Your Son to rule over all the nations of the earth. So Father, we are united in the spirit for all the memebers of the Strike Force of Prayer that are across the nations: England, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Mexico, Cuba, Japan and other nations where prayer is started to bring down the evil plans of a new world order and one world religion. Lord this is a time when You are fulfilling our prayers and fastings and sacrifices to bring down the evil and raise up the righteous!

We also declare as President Trump resumes his office that all those who are loyal to him and cooperate with the agenda You have place in his heart will rise up to bring Justice, law and order to America and again we will be that nation of Light in a dark world. We declare our special loving protection of all those You anointed to be prophets in our day that they will remain firm in the Word You have given them and that they be always attentive to Your Heart and Your Will for us. Thank You, Father for creating us and placing us in this time. We are here to do Your Will and to see Your Holy Fire set loose to burn to ashes all that is of the spirit of Jezebel and false gods. Praise to You now and forever! Amen!

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