Oct 16, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

Your take delight in our expression of Faith Hope and Love as we gather here in this hour!
We are Your Family because of our Faith in Yeshuah Your Son. He is the source of our Hope that all things will work unto good no matter what we are going through! His Love is poured out on us by the Sacrifice of His Love so that we too will love s He has commanded us to. We sing Praise to You for this great privilege to gather in this assembly of Prayer Warriors to follow Your Commands and be used as instruments to spread Your Kingdom here in America and around the world as the Holy Spirit leads us and guides us! It is in Your Strength that we are able to conquer and subdue the earth to make it a fitting dwelling place to be with us now and into eternity!

Father we bring the words You have spoken to us prophetically that the old systems are to be brought down and new life will spring forth. Father, we expect to see that the Presidents who have deceived us or led us astray will be exposed and face the consequences of their actions and choices. Lord, we know when You bring down the wickedness of that last administration and their uplifting of those forces of the Muslim Brotherhood and others who hate America and hate are following of Jesus Christ as Lord much will happen to return us to our heritage and the principled life of our Constitution and Laws based on the Scriptures will take root and bring forth the Justice and Liberty we have had since the beginning. Lord forgive us for foolishly being deceived in voting and supporting those things that divide us and cause hate between races and even among those who call themselves Christians. Father, we are grateful for giving us President Trump and all who are working with him to make America a nation for You Lord! Continue to bless him and the righteous men and women who are here to serve and bring Justice to our land and its people.

Father, this band of warriors are here to intercede and do battle in the spirit so that we will see Your Mighty Hand crush the new world order and all this garbage of a one world religion run by puppet masters who are evil, selfish and worship Baal and all other forms of godlessness! Father we stand with you to continue to dry up the source of blood sacrifice through abortion and other forms of devil worship to turn us to true worship O You the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who has given us Your Son for our salvation and to make this earth a suitable dwelling for us to be one with You! We are here to stop putting our money and finances into wickedness and the deceptive ways of entertainment and allurements of the world and turn our tithes and offerings to help the poor, the widow and the orphan. What is on Your Heart is in our ours! What You want is what we want! We give Your Praise, Honor and Glory!

Father, we want our court systems to reflect You Heavenly Court where You render proper Judgment and true Justice. We especially pray for our Supreme Court and the Justices that those who are to be removed because of their lack of integrity happen now! Lord, we especially place special protection on those who truly follow our Constitution and know their rightful role in Justice, Like Justice Thomas, Kavanaugh and the others, but let those fall who have been in favor of the perversion of our biblical morality like abortion and same sex marriage being forced upon us be brought down now! To allow President Trump to appoint righteous men and women to this honored place in our Supreme Court! Lord as Justice Thomas has stated there are many decisions that can be changed and should be so America will be what our Founding Fathers and Mothers believed and were willing to die for. An America of Freedom to worship You without fear and without interference in any form! Thank You Father, for this Great Gift of America and a people united in You with liberty and justice for all.

Lord, we proclaim as the Prophet Kim Clement has told us: No Impeachment! Let those who scream it choke on their own words and be exposed as the liars they are and as we see happening before our eyes. We stand up and be counted to follow Your Commands and let Your Will be done in us as it is in Heaven. It is so! Amen!

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