Dec 5, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

We come to You with Praise and Thanksgiving on our lips to show you a our hearts for we know You are Present in us and with us at this very moment with every breath we breathe and in every cell and part of our body, mind and spirit.  What we want is more of You and less of us so that You get all the Glory and Praise! For You are Present even more because You are in our Praise and You are our Praise! Father, as we are gathered here before You we are confident You hear are prayer and that You will answer us according to You Holy Will for we are here in agreement with Your Heart and Mind and want to be so like You in all that we are and do!  Thank You for the gift of Your Son, Christ Jesus who lives in us and has washed us clean by His Blood and so now we are chosen people, yes, we are  set aside as Your Family!  And so Father we are here now as an Army of Prayer Warriors to spread and defend Your Kingdom here one earth especially in America and in every land where believers are in the same struggle as us!

Father, with Praisee on our lips we bring before You the people You have chosen to bring forth the Messiah.  Yes, they missed Him when He cam but we Praise You for in that You planned for the gentile and other nations to come into Your Kingdom.  But Lord, we do lift up these brethren of Your Family to come now to an awakening the Yeshuah is the Messiah and that we will all be one as He is Our Lord and King!  Bless Your people the Israelites who are lost and wandering this earth in search of the Messiah that He will come to them and they will learn of Him through the Sacred Scriptures that they cherish.  Just in understanding one word in the Hebrew that will pour forth the Holy Spirit upon them to know Yeshuah is the Messiah.  Just as You have opened the Scriptures to us that we may grow more deeply in knowing You intimately as our God filled with loving kindness and will never leave us or forsake us!

Father we pray for husbands to love their wives as Christ loves us.  That they will awaken to cover their wives with love and prayer and as Issac of old prayed for Rebecca to have You open her womb and she conceived twins, may men who have a wife of great price will pray to increase and ultiply as You have set the Plan in motion to accomplish Your Will here as it is in heaven.  That husbands and wives will be as one to pray and to teach and mentor children and show the world the Image of You throughout the earth.  Praise You Father for the great gift of love that is shared when men and women placing their trust in Jesus find a way to make this earth a temple that will allow us to dwell with You now for all eternity!  Praise You Father! The womb of woman is sacred to You so it may be to us now for both men and women to honor the way in which You have created us to be the living Image of You here and now!  No other outlook on sexuality than that which You have made and we Praise You for it!

Father, we Praise You for You are bringing to pass that which has been prophesied about the riches of the evil ones to brought to You servants to spread the Kingdom throughout the earth as this Great Harvest has begun!  We praise You that the evil secret societies and all of their funding is being washed away.  That those who are intent on global control and placing Your People in captivity has been exposed and now as we pray is being brought to Justice. 

That the Hammer You place in the hands of President Trump and all those who have aligned with him to break this cabal we call the deep state where ever it has been established be smashed and rooted out.  May all those who control the money as if they have might and power be awakened that in the this hour they are finished there is nothing but righteousness and truth prevailing now and into our future!  Praise You Father that You are bringing down that which is evil to let the Light of Your presence rule over us!

Father in our praise we are requesting even more of us stand and be counted to voice opposition to those who betray public trust like in Georgia with the appointment of a woman to the senate that either she repent of her past or be removed because Your Plan for America is to be done now in every state and part of this land!  We know You hear us so Lord let Your Will be done!  We just trust You that the right will win and evil will fall!  Praise You Father, we see it in America and Israel and around the earth.  Your Kingdom come Your Will be done now and forever!  It is so! Amen!

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