Sep 10, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

because of Your Son, Yeshuah/Jesus the Christ, we are made worthy and precious in Your sight! By His Blood we are made holy and clean to come before You! So we enter Your Courts with Praise and Thanksgiving to worship You in spirit and truth! Father, Your Son has given us the royal robe of righteousness and bestowed on us such power and might to overcome the enemy and all the evil forces raised against us so we can walk without fear but in confidence because we can do all things in Christ Jesus. When we speak Your Word in resistance to the enemy he will flee. Lord forgive us for the way we have allowed our minds to think of him as a god, but there is no God but You! Through Your Son, we see more clearly and by the renewing of our minds/our thought life in Him we are able to do wondrous works as He said we would. Use us Lord to bring about Your Will on earth as it is in heaven!Father in this time we are together may we be used to intercede for our nation of America and Israel and other nations who proclaim Jesus is Lord and are arising to combat all the evil forces and the blood line families who are here to bring about a one world order, one world religion and all other means to keep humanity held captive to their control of life. Lord, as Your prophet Mark has spoken and others as well it is time for the corrupt to fall and be smashed in all their plans. We proclaim Jesus the Christ is Lord and we serve no other King but Him! Lord, we know You have placed us here to do our part in defending and spreading Your Kingdom on earth so that one day soon You will dwell with us as we will live in peace and harmony with one another and all of creation which was Your Plan fromthe beginning> Thank You for Jesus Christ who has finished it all and has given us the opportunity to do our part and live in abundance of Your blessing as we follow Your Commands!Heavenly Father in the authority of Jesus we come against the spirits that have been unleashed from the pits of hell to bring chaos, rebellion and witchcraft into our nation. We recognize that these force our trying to bring our President down and strike fear into our people through these various movements against law and order and righteousness. We bind the spirits behind this notion of racism and injustice in our midst that is set upon us by things like BLM, AntiFa, Muslim Brotherhood and other organizations that they be declared as terrorists and betrayers of America and our lawful ways of living! That we will stand strong together against this first in the spirit and then to express ourselves in our own measure of gathering together to voice the Truth and to use our vote to bring into office those who will lead us in righteousness and bring Justice to bear upon all. That those who align themselves with this rebellion be brought down and face just punishments for their crimes against the good people in America. Lord continue to inspire and protect President Trump and all who are working with him to make America a nations that says and does Trust in God! Lord through our prayers and acts of faith wedo support the good men and women who are willing to run for office to make true that we are nation of law and order and that we respect life and desire to live in harmony with one another under the banner of Your Kingdom now and forever!Lord, we have a deep concern for our children that they will be raised up to know and serve Youas we do. That we arise even to home school our children to keep them from being indoctrinated with confusion and rebellion that has taken over our education system. Bless those families who are doing their best to participate in the programs like Ed-exit and others who support and assist any parent who

has chosen to participate in raising their children in good Christian morals and harmonious living! Lord,we repent that we did not speak up when the opportunity arose, but now we are here to change all that and to get ourselves back on th road to be a Nation of the Kingdom and to be the people You have called us to be a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation and a people for God’s own possession called out of darkness into the Light! We Praise You Lord. It is so! Amen!

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