Mar 3, 2021

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Heavenly Father,

Here we are in Your Presence united by the Blood of Your Son, Yeshuah/Jesus who has made us Yours completely by washing us clean of all sin and has clothed us with the robe of righteousness so we are here knowing that You have released Your Heavenly Host to protect us and bring to us a reset of life here in our nation and around the world. We are here in Your Presence to rejoic and be glad for what You have Promised You are bringing to Pass even if what others say is to mock us and challenge us to dowub the words of Your Prophets of our day. We remain firm, Father, we believe and will not listen to any false report or no matter what others may do and say we are with You. This faithful remnant like Gideon of old are to see the Victory and the movement win what You gave given us to take back and reinstate our lives in this nation back under Your anointed President Trump and all that he has started to be finished in this time this year. In Jesus we rejoice! Alleluia!

Father, we are so grateful for creation and all the beauty and wonder You have created it to be. It speaks to us of Your awesome Power and Might. It shows us Your Glory and that all that You have made us to be is shine Your Glory and to be united together in one mind and heart to trust and love You above all. These blessings You have bestowed on us are here to draw us closer to You and really to know Your hear and to know that we are precious in Your Sight and we are precious stones to build up a Sanctuary to have You dwell with us forever!

Father, we confidently proclaim President Trump come back and take your rightful spot that we have elected you to be our leader as President. With the authority of Jesus we declare the jackals and wolves who have stolen this election and who have usurped authority are to see their demise in these days. No matter what we hear in the media of death and mockery and slander Your Promises are true and the words of the prophets in our day will be here in our day. Lord no matter what the cowards say and do we remain faithful. We walk by Faith and not by what we feel or see! Thank You, Lord for revealing the character of those who run from their just duties. We are here Lord we will replace them by vote and even rising up to do what You have anointed us to do even in government and media and across the seven mountains of this life! We are here Lord use us. We are not waiting to be taken out of here we are here to do Your Will and establish Your Kingdom in our land and across the nations. Your Will be done here on earth as it is in heaven!

Father, we re here to intercede prophetically for those who are doing their best to serve You by rescuing the children caught in child trafficking and all the abuse that has been hidden and happening for so long. Let this rescue continue with even more power spiritually and physically. Lord, continue to raise up all who are willing to stand for the right to life and to protect the unborn in the womb! Give our youth the hunger to follow You and to even rise up to fulfill opportunities to show that Jesus is Lord and that all of us are here to walk as He walked and to love life, the life He has given us abundantly all as part of Your Perfect Will for us.

Father, there is much we bring before You through this band of Prayer Warriors so hear our cry out to You to each one here as we prayin the Name of Jesus the Christ in the Unity of the Holy Spirit. Amen!

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