Jan 22, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

We come to Your in a humble contrite spirit knowing without You we have nothing, but with you all things are possible.  Our hearts are grateful for You have chosen us to be a part of your Family! We are grateful and blessed to be Your people that You treasure!  You loved us and formed us in our mother’s womb.  Lord there is so much to be thankful for everything we have is from Your Hand even our very life we live and the breath we take!  Father You have made us a wondrous gift.  Your have treasured us and watched over us even before we were born.  Such marvels we can’t even fathom!  What a wondrous God You are!  Thank You is not even enough to say for You are beyond all that we can imagine or express!  To know that you the Creator want to be close and intimate with us even in the air we breathe!  Father what an awesome and wondrous God You are!  We place our hearts in Your Hand so that we might draw even closer to You and all those You have given us to love and care for.

Father, we are here to intercede for all those who do not know You or have been lost and deceived by the false gods of this world and have been treated in abusive and degrading ways.  Our hearts weep for those who are weeping this moment in being lost and afraid because of the evil that surrounds them.  We reach out through our prayers to the women who are alone and have been abused in any way!  Lord that they may experience the Love of Yeshuah and we men who are here stand in the gap that they may be honored and treated with the utmost respect for the treasure You have created them to be.  We, Your Prayer Warriors in this Army stand to make the womb a sacred place and safe place for any child You send us no matter what the circumstances are that brought them life!  Lord in these days when there is a March for life, we say with all sincerity of heart Yes to Life!  Yes to the Life of any unborn in the womb!  Yes to protecting and saving Life?  May all those who stand in front of planned Parenthood and other places of death be bold in their reaching out to those who have led to be brought to a decision that is against life!  Lord through our prayers we seek the overturn of Roe v. Wade in our land now!.  Thank You, Lord for a President who finally says the Truth  and speaks to save the children!  We say Yes to Life! La chaim!

Father, we are grateful for those who were willing to take a stand yesterday for our Rights as Americans.  Your Glory shined through them for there was no violence and there were no arrests.  We know Lord is because of our heartfelt prayer to protect and defend what You have given us through our American heritage! Lord continue to awaken us and give us boldness of Faith to speak up and speak out against those who are despots and want their own selfish agenda over Your Will for us!   Now Lord give us the boldness to continue the fight to take our place in ensuring our vote matters and that we will take up our civic duty to pass this on to others and especially our children.  Lord we can see that you are moving America to a brighter future and a return to the values that make us a great nation in Your Kingdom!  Fill us Lord to even do more and take back that which has been lost and stolen and may those who have done this to us make recompense 7 fold.  Let the Bell of Freedom ring! The Hammer of Justice strike down the evil! Let our song give You praise and Honor across the land from sea to shining sea from border to border and all across this fruited land!  You are our God!  We are proud to say Jesus the Christ Your Son has made us a people bought and made worthy by His Sacred Blood!

Here we are Father your children and happy to be so!

Father, in these days we are in a process of a sham called impeachment of the man You have

anointed to be our leader.  Lord bring this whole sham come crashing down each time they open their mouth to lie and twist the truth of who and what are President is to us!  Now is the time for Justice to prevail!  Arrest those who are the liars and deceivers may the Hammer of justice crush them into dust and that they will face the evil that they have created!  Repent or face the just punishment they deserve  now in this day!  Lord the veilis deep and has gone on for such a long time but like the Israelites of old You have heard our cry and now is the time of our deliverance from this captivity in every area f our life.  Those who have been the puppet masters are exposed and their shame will come upon them with a mighty storm of Your Wind of change and deliverance!  Thank You Lord!  It is so Amen! Alleluia! 

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