Dec 7, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

            We are here to give You thanks and praise for making us Your Family!  Now we are Your Army to protect, defend and spread Your Kingdom here in America and around the world! We trust You completely as You have placed around us Your Heavenly Host to protect us and lead us in this hour of battle as we believe and know Victory is ours!  Your angels are here to assure us this is true and are willing to assist us us in the destruction of the enemy and all the evil influences that are set upon us to weaken us and make us doubt.  So Lord we walk by Faith and not by how we feel!

            Father,  You have set before us Life or death, blessings or curses.  We choose life & we choose Your blessings for we know that we give You all the Gory for the marvelous things and wonderful miracles that take place when we give You Praise and Your Presence covers us.  Lord we feel that weight of Your Glory on us now  as Your Light penetrates the darkness around us and You separate us from those who have chosen evil and to worship the false god of this world.  Lord it is You that awaken us and anoint us to do what You have written in our book before we even began our days and as we walk now let us full the destiny You have planned for us.  May we see it pass on to generation to generation that Your are Lord the giver and provider of all we need to live in Your kingdom here on earth and as it will unfold in the days to come.

            Father, in our prayer we intercede for President Trump, his wife, family and all who are aligned with him.  Lord give him the strength to endure the constant mockery, hate and evil words that are cast upon him and all his loved ones.  Lord silence the mouths of his enemies smash their teeth on the very rocks they use to try to stone him with and may the Rock of our Lord Jesus be the rock of his salvation in all these times of battle.  Continue to anoint him with the Wisdom of the holy Spirit to fool the enemy and make them reveal who they truly are nothing but traitors and betrayers of all that is good in America!  Lord give President Trump the boldness and courage to continue to make America free again to worship You and pronounce Your Name without worrying about what is politically correct to say and to above all be not afraid of hurting someone’ feelings if the Truth is spoken that calls sin sin and what You see as abomination we see and protest the abomination set before us.

            Lord, help us to become aware of when we truly repent from sin and make recompense to show our sincerity of change we are free from all guilt of the past and nothing stands in our way of being a holy people.  Your Son’s Blood washes away all guilt, shame, embarrassment and condemnation.  We are free of the past and we walk now as new creatures in Christ Jesus.  O lord deliver us from holding on to thoughts about the past that now we are made new and we are taking on the Mind of Christ.  We are here to think good thoughts and praise You for all that You have done in each of us.  So we rejoice that what You have done in us is happening here in America and around the world where the Holy Spirit is blowing a mighty gushing wind!

            Father refresh and renew the lives of husbands and wives and families and relationships among us.  We want to see one another as You see us through the Sacrifice of Your Son for us. We are all Your children no matter how long we have been on this earth.  Make us one in Faith so that we are the Image  of Your Son  and all those who are in search of the truth, will see us as a people that is submissive to Your Will.  In seeing us they will hunger for what we are.   Lord make us so aware that all of the bickering, back biting, arguing  and division over matters that have nothing to do with the love of Jesus Christ.  Lord that we may love through our differences and have unconditional love for one another without judgment or condemnation.  That we will stand for Justice and worship You in spirit and truth!

            Lord give Your people rightful discernment as we choose those who are to be put in roles of leadership in government and among those who worship together.  That we will see as Your Prophet has spoken time is up for those who are corrupt.  We wait patiently that all who are in positions fo Justice will do what they are required to do to arrest, prosecute and bestow punishment  on those who are corrupt from the highest to the lowest of crimes that have allowed the deep state to exist and have been destructive of America!  We say now is the time for all of these condemned systems to let go of reigns of power and make recompense  in setting America free to fulfill Your Divine Plan for us,

            Thank You Father we make our prayer before You in the Name of Yeshua and in unity of the Holy Spirit!  It is so! Amen!

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