Mar 6, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

Heavenly Father, we come to you in a humble contrite spirit for we know that we can do nothing without Your Power and Might working through our weakness. For through weakness we are made strong because of Your Great Grace and Love for us.  Father, we humbly seek Your Protection as we gather here in Your Presence.  Protect each Prayer Warrior gathered here and those who are joining us in the spirit.  Keep us off the enemy’s radar and let none of his ways interfere with us in any form technology or any form of witchcraft or spiritual energy that is not of You, Father.  We are armored up and ready to fulfill the battle plans You have for us today!

Father, we are grateful for the leadership You have given us through President Donal Trump and all those who truly assist him.  Because of him we have even more of an opportunity for our assemblies/church to speak up and to defend the Truth and to stand against the issues of our day like the taking of the innocent lives of children and all the desecration of life that is being done by those who embrace death and the luciferian way of control.  Lord we proclaim and declare we are for Life, the life of every child in the womb for whatever stage of growth it is in.  Lord we proclaim and decree that all children no matter what their circumstances or disability they may endure have the right to Life Love  Liberty and the pursuit of happiness here in America and around the world no matter what the walking zombies of death say or propose.  Lord with the Sword of Faith we strike at the very core of this evil and release Your Holy Angels to drive out these demonic entities that are in our land.  Like the swine in the gospel my the be cast into the sea of hopelessness and leave our land for good!

Lord, we seek that swift Hammer of Justice be brought upon all those who will not repent or turn from the wicked ways of child perversion in all its forms, pedophilia, child sacrifice, child trafficking and sexual abuse.  Lord we proclaim and declare children are Your Precious Gift to us and we will protect them by any means we have from adoption to bringing them all the healing resources You have given us and the men and women who do all they can for the love of a child!  Lord, cleanse us form this evil and may the blood that has been shed by these children now be a means of changing the hearts of all American and anyone who has a heart of flesh to embrace and raise up children to give You Glory, Honor, Praise and thanksgiving for Life and Life to the fullness You have for us!

Lord we are here to do all for Your Glory!  Lord we want to be generous in our giving to the work of Your Kingdom in our midst.  Lord, just as You recognized the widow with her mite in the temple we want to have hearts to give no matter what we have in a generous way and to be used to serve those in need, the poor, the widow and the orphan as You have shown us through the Love of Your Son, Yeshuah and through the example of Your Disciples through the ages past even to this moment by the righteous men and women willing to sacrifice even their very lives to save the lost and bring healing to the wounded and abused of this world.  Lord we want to see others as You see us!  To have generous hearts in our giving no matter what it is that we have to offer.  We know that it is our giving that that  Builds up the Temple for the Kingdom of God here on earth as it is in heaven.

Lord we seek special protection for Israel the land You deem sacred for Your Son walked there and shed His Blood there and You have said that we are to pray for the Peace of Jerusalem!  Lord bless President Trump with Wisdom to choose rightly how to bring Peace  and a proper aligning of Israel with Your Plan that Israel is forever!  It is not to be divided and not to be destroyed by any evil forces.  Let Your Holy Angels do their work there as they have always done to protect Your people there.  Lord give Israel special protection and Wisdom to choose righteousness in the up coming elections.  Fulfill Your prophetic words from Mark Taylor and others that America and Israel will be strong together.

Father, we again bring before You are needs to cleanse and rebuild our Temple assemblies, which we call church.  Lord that all of us will let go of that which we cling to that is a dead system like the 501 c3 and all other dead forms of religion that keeps us from being truly free in Christ Jesus and has sapped us of the power and authority He has left with us.  Lord renew us as we take up our Sword of Faith and strike down all that is not of You and March onward to make the Kingdom even stronger in our day and in our lives!  Let the new Wine of the Holy Spirit enkindle in us a Holy Fire to drive out the money changers and truly make Your House a house of prayer!  We come to You, Father in the name of Yeshuah Your Son and our Redeemer, in unity with the Holy Spirit.  Amen!

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