Mar 14, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

We are here before You to seek Your strength in the battle that lays before us today.  We are here to do Your Will and willing to do as You command us today.  We want our heart to be in one accord with Your Heart! Father, Your Son, has already overcome the world and now we are here to finish the great work He has called us to do in our time in service to You in Your Kingdom Army!  Lord, that we might be truly missionaries rescuing the lost around us.  It is the Love You poured out on us even while we still lost that we now want to share with others especially those in our nation of America!

Father we ask for Your protection to keep us off the enemy’s radar and scramble all of his frequencies that cause chaos and confusion, resistance and rebellion.  Keep that in his camp so that all of his followers will be continued to be exposed and that the righteous will prevail in our land and we will see even more of the Hammer of Justice to fall on those who are a part of the plot to kill, steal and destroy from America, Israel and any other nation that strives to be under Your rule and reign!

Father we seek strengthening for all those who feel battle weary and sometimes too weak to continue the fight.  We are here to intercede and if Your Will is for us to step in take the place of those whom You want us to replace we say: Here I am Lord, send me.  Lord among Your Warriors are men and women who can replace and in fact step forward to do a new work to spread the Kingdom whether it be in an elected position or just leading in small ways in their community.  May more see if is our duty to to step into politics and any other position that will lead America out of the swamp on to the dry land that You have planned for us as is given us through the prophetic words spoken by Mark Taylor and others who are pointing the way and showing us we are in this to win and we will!

Lord, we have a HOPE in our hearts that cannot be defeated no matter how hard the struggle.  We know we win and we know that what You have started in us will be brought to a finish that will give You all the Glory and Honor!  We know that Your Son, Yeshuah has overcome the world and that now we face a weakened enemy.  We can do this Lord and we will.

We are grateful that You have given us an anointed leader for our time in President Trump.  We know Lord that if he can withstand the merciless and evil attacks upon him and all that he does, so can we.  When we are covered by Your anointing nothing can stop it and nothing can be taken from us because Your will will be done and the gates of hell will not prevail against it!  We continue to cover our President and all the righteous leaders in our land and around the world with a shield of prayer that their enemy will be scattered and no weapon formed against them will prevail.  We decree and proclaim that which You have said will happen will happen here in America, Israel and all other nations that are aligned to be a part of the change that is coming on the earth in this hour!

Lord, we seek the bringing down all the forms and systems that are dead and condemned to fall because they are not in accord with your Will!  The church systems, rituals and false forms of worship are like a dead corpse and those who cling to them are only getting what dead corpse can give: No Life, just death!  Lord continue to expose the corruption and depth of deception that has been allowed to last so long.  We are preparing ourselves to embrace the wounded and abused that are lost and confused that we will give them the love and understanding that You have given us and formed in us!  Lord as more and  more leave these organizations and as it says in Revelation the synagogues/churches of Satan, we stand here with You ready to bring forth new life and new forms to touch and bring Your Love to them.

Lord, we know that in this day there is newness of life  around us that You will never leave us or forsake us.   You are on the one and only true God!  You are forming a new vision in us and the youth of our day that will bring victory against all of the Luciferian, illuminati, one world religion and all other plots of Satan will come crashing down because only true worship of You in spirit and truth will last! Lord we will finish the task You have before us just as Your Son established what we are to do to fulfill His command to spread the Kingdom and keep the territory until He returns as You have planned. Praise, Glory, Honor and Thanksgiving to You Father as we pray in the name of Your Son, Yeshuah, our Redeemer in the unity of the Holy Spirit. Amen

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