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Heavenly Father,

release Your Heavenly Host and place a Hedge of Protection around all of my brothers and sisters gathered together today as we come before You to listen to Your Word and hear the marching orders You have for us today!  Take us off the enemy’s radar and block all the access the enemy has against us.  Scramble their hearing, deafen their ears, blind their vision! May the enemy be in disarray and lead them to fall on their own swords, and let us gather strength in You, Lord so that we may boldly defend the Truth, speak the Truth and live our lives in Righteousness.

Father, we bring to You today the battle plan of drying up the enemy’s resources.  Lord show us how and what we must do to stop their use of resources to promote death.  Let there be a transition of Your Treasures toward lifeā€”life abundantly as Your Son, Yeshua-Jesus showed us and gave to us so that in all we do we may give You glory, honor, praise and thanksgiving!

Father in the Authority given to us by Your Son: Yeshua-Jesus we bind the power of mammon over Your people.  Lord first of all we repent of all the influence we have allowed the love of money to dominate in our lives, even in the smallest of ways like being afraid to give my last dollar to a brother or sister that was more in need than we are!  Lord, teach us to be more generous in giving into Your Kingdom and to support those whom the Holy Spirit guides us to support Your Army of Warriors.  Give us Wisdom to know whom to we should bless with the blessings You give us!

Lord with Authority, we bind the flow of finances that is used to prosper the kingdom of darkness.  Lord, the enemy lies, cheats and steals to worship mammon.  We speak to their sources of income and say DRY UP! And no more of monetary gain in to their hands!  Dry Up the Soros money and all the other financial billionaires and millionaires money flow!  Stop the flow of money trump too Planned parenthood through abortions, the bribery of politicians who block and hinder the agenda You anointed You have anointed Donald Trump to bring to

America.  Lord stop the flow of money to the entertainment world and news media that lie to us and tempt us to walk in darkness instead of the Light.  In the Church also dry up the resources of those who foolishly take blessings and use them selfishly instead of caring for the Widow, the orphan and those truly in need of meeting their basic necessities for life!

Lord, that we might better use the blessings You give us to protect the unborn, especially any child they consider having birth defects like Down Syndrome.  Lord dry up the resources of the medical research for murdering the unborn.  No more we want Life over Death!

Father continue to expose the enemy in the use of money for evil instead of good.  Lord bring to Justice to those who use their money to promote a new world order, globalism, elitism and all forms of masonry, idolatry, secret societies and all those who are plotting to over through America and other nations aligned with us and the Word!

Thank You, Father for transferring wealth into the hands of your warriors in our battle to spread Your Kingdom and reap the Harvest here in America and around the world!

Bless each and everyone on this call with the finances they need to be blessed and to be a blessing to others.  Let Your Holy Spirit give us Wisdom to share our blessings with those who are laboring in the Kingdom for the Harvest You have placed in our hands for such a time as this and in preparing others for the coming of Your Son when You have chosen it to be!

In Jesus’ Name we pray! AMEN!!!!!!!!


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