Mar 31, 2021 | Prayers

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Points to Ponder: Perfect Love casts out fear! This is the power of Christ Jesus in us! We have nothing to fear as we rely on Him as our source! We use the word love in so many ways: Love the dog,
love the food, love my wife, love my children. But in Hebrew there are many words for love each with a special meaning: but the main word is Racham…the love felt by a woman for her
child in the womb that is God’s love for us! We all want that kind of love which is unconditional and total love! We all have experienced it when we were in the womb, but since the womb has become a battle ground it is rare indeed. But God still loves us this way!

Blow the shofar for prayer:

Heavenly Father,
during these days of Passover we remember what Your Son, Yeshuah/Jesus has done for us through His Life, Death and Glorious Resurrection! The greatest gift of Love that is eternal and washes away all sin and restores us to be able to call You ABBA?Daddy! So we can come to You as Your children and be confident that Our Father knows us, hears us and shines on us and in us with eternal loving kindness!
Today, we decree a new level of boldness, confidence and fierceness for Your Word and the heavenly truth You reveal to us! We command all timidity, intimidation, shyness and fear to depart from us in the Name of Jesus! We say to every lying spirit back off we do not want you messing with our thinking! We are bold like a lion to stand up for what we know is true that Jesus the Christ is Lord. We stand firm in the face of evil, the liar, the deceiver, the cheater and the stealer. We are firm in our Faith and we will remain firm to declare that what You, Lord have spoken through Your prophets of our day that it will happen now that President Trump has returned to his rightful position and that what You have started Lord to make us free in America and any nation who call upon You that what You have promised for this age is done now and will be from this day forward! We stand assured by Your Word we will see Your Glory sweep away the wicked and restore righteousness in the land!
We celebrate and so grateful for the Blood of Jesus the Christ washes away all sin and iniquity fro our midst and that we can boldly walk in our land knowing that the enemy is shaking and terrified of what You are doing in this day. That You are setting the captives free especially those who have been trapped in sex trafficking and child trafficking and all other perversions that have been brought back by those who have stolen the election and are promoting communism and socialism and destroying our children by promoting the abomination of transgenderism and other forms of perversion from the pits of hell. In the Name of Jesus smash this down and let Your Holy Fire burn it all to ashes!
Father, we are grateful during the Passover season that we are being restored to Health for You want us well. That those who are promoting fear about health and the China virus will be brought to shame. That You are restoring health to the nation so that we can once again be free from the tyranny
of control through fear of those who call themselves experts in health when all they are are liars and

deceivers trying to depopulate the earth for their own self gain and make this world under their authority instead of obeying Your Commands and fulfilling Your Will for us! As Jesus spoke may these brood of vipers face the consequence they have place on us to be their own chaos and reward. Not to us O Lord, not to us! But to You be all the Glory as we are under the shadow of Your wings and no evil shall prevail nor any weapon forged against us will prosper!
Heavenly Father we trust You completely for Your Will is that we prosper and be in good health to unite in harmony with one another to let Your Kingdom come and Your will be done Now and forever. Amen!

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