Dec 12, 2019

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​Heavenly Father,

We come to You with humble, contrite spirit to face the Truth under the convicting power of the Holy Spirit!  You Son has taught us that the Truth will set You free!  Father we know the Truth is found in Your Word the Sacred Scriptures or as originally called the Torah!  We are here Father to accept the Truth and to walk n Your Way as Your Son Yeshuah has shown us and lived out for us!  Lord we admit our guilt when we fall short of falling Your Commands for we know we have nothing to fear for You cover us Loving Kindness which lasts forever.  You have formed us in our mother’s womb and You know every intimate detail about us!  We cannot run from You.  There is no place to hid for You see us no matter how foolish that we think that You cannot see what I do if I sneak this or waste this.  It is all in plain sight for You!  Thank You for continuing to love us! And to always show us Mercy and forgiveness when we lay our heart open to You and admit to the Truth!  Lord, this is the way we want to live for Your Kingdom is based on Justice and Truth so we want here in America and Your Kingdom to rule on earth as it is in Heaven!

Father, we rejoice today for this is the day that You have made and You have planned this day for us to glorify You in all we do and say.  We are happy to be here to serve You and follow Your Commands!  Father as our father in Faith Abraham lived every day to the full, we too want to live it to the full!  As Your Son has warned us we will be held accountable for every idle word we speak so Lord we say and proclaim:  Jesus is the Lord of the way I feel!  Hallelu I don’t care what the devil is going to do, I am here to please You Lord!

Father we are grateful for all that is taking place this day and all the days ahead, for it is time for the evil of men’s hearts to be exposed and that the Hammer of Justice fall and smash all the plots and schemes of the enemy.  We have nothing to fear for You are with us and we know You have seen it all and it is time when the separation of those who are evil from those who are of the good!  Lord we here to stand and support those You have anointed to lead us in this time.  Continue to give President Trump the Wisdom of the Holy Spirit to out wit those who are trying to destroy him and bring him down.  We know it will not happen for he is anointed for such a time as this and those who speak against or mock or slander the President will see ajust return for the evil that they have cause!  Lord, we who know You, know that this whole impeachment is nothing but a scam to make wrong right and right wrong!  Bring them to a sudden end now, even as they spoeak and meet to plot let their mouth be filled with dust and and their teeth crushed on the stones they raise against President Trump.  We are on route of change that You have started and so now we are not afraid we are prepared  for what is to come.  We have heard the words of Your Prophets in our day so we are here Lord send us into battle for we are well able with Your Holy Angels around us to soundly defeat the enemy!

Father protect all of those who are in righteousness defending our rule of law as is the Constitution that we are founded on.  Let righteous Justices and judges on every level of government be accountable to the people and bring forth those rulings that are Just and based on the Truth!  Lord, any judge who stands in the way of Your plans may they be deposed and see the error of their ways to either repent or face the consequences of their unfair rulings! Lock up the corrupt!  Shame the mocker and liar! Let those who commit the crime face the time and all that they must do to make recompense to those they have wounded and abused!

Father, we want to protect and defend the honor of all women that have been abused, taken advantage of, or have desecrated in any way in their physical being or their reputation and good name. That husbands will love their wives as Christ has shown us to love!  That all women will be treated as the help meet they were created to be.  They are men’s help to meet God and to learn of His Heart as they were created to be the Image of God as were men, but a woman’s heart can reveal the mystery of God’s Heart when woman stands in Purity & Innocence in a humble contrite way before our God!  Lord there is so much for us to learn and grow in Love for one another and be Protectors and Defenders of the Truth!

So Father, we give You all the gory and honor and praise in thanksgiving for all You have done for us in Christ Jesus in the Unity of the Holy Spirit!  It is so Amen!

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