Jan 24, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

There is so much to be thankful for today!  We know You hear are crying out as so many things are changing here in America and literally around the world!  Thank You, Father! We rejoice as we see the angels around us and there are more of us than of the enemy!  We rejoice because the Your Word is true it is all rigged in our favor! No matter how weak we fell or seem so small when we look at the enemy as if he is Goliath we are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus, Your Son, our Redeemer!  You put in us the courage of a David who used a small stone bring down a giant!  Yes sometimes our prayers seem like small stones but when we are accurate in our throwing the giants are falling!  Lord, we are so hopeful because  more will be happening in the days ahead!  So Lord we come with confidence believing that we say to this mountain be removed and fall into the sea and it shall be!  Your Son said it and He never lied or deceived us in His Words!  What a Mighty and awesome God we have and we give You all the Glory because Your Mighty Arm protects us and makes us whole!   Lord, this Army is here to run to the battle under the banner of Your Son’s Blood!  Thank You, Victory is our in Your Name!

Father, we are so grateful for the anointed President, You have given us.  Truly an answer to prayer from those who have been in trenches of spiritual warfare from the past to this present day!  Lord, we are grateful that we finally have a President who not only says truth, but is willing to stand in truth.  Thank You that he is for life!  Thank you that he is here to protect the unborn!   Thank You that his words are clear and his stance is set.  We continue to cover him and place a protective shield around him as he stands in public and flies hither and yon to being true freedom and justice into our land and spark other nations to do the same. Lord we continue to lift him up and declare over him his re-election this year and that the sham of this impeachment will be dust in the bin of history in short order in this week!  Lord, only the fool says in his heart there is no God!  But we know the fools will be filled with shame and guilt for such mockery and all those who promote and continually endorse it will see the Hammer of Justice fall on them as they spend time in prison for their crimes which they cannot deny or hide any longer!  Lord You are victorious in all Your Ways and we are so grateful and will continue to be a part of the spreading of Your kingdom and defenders of the Truth.  We are here Lord to worship You in spirit and truth!

Father, we continue to intercede for all those who are wounded and feel lost and abandoned because of the abuse sexually, physically and mentally in relationships that are part of the evil destruction of the family and the worthiness that You have created in us and restored by the Blood of Your Son, Yeshuah!  Father give courage to those who work to bring healing into these abused ones lives.  Let the Love You have for them be made manifest through our actions to rescue them from these pits of destruction whether it be in a marriage or any kind of social situation!  Lord as Jesus has instructed us we are here to set the captive free because what You have done for us we are here to share with them.  Lord continue to reveal to us those areas in which we have to do more to set them free,  We are grateful for those who have stood in righteousness like our president and so many others unnamed who are doing this miraculous work in Your Name!  Lord we declare over America that this sex trafficking and all forms of abuse stop and that the healing Love of Jesus make a way when there seems no way!  We know that Jesus has come and destroyed the works of evil and we are her to witness and

be used to continue to fulfill what He has established now in the generations to come!

Father, we through prayer protect the prophets You have given us in these days, that they like Jesus spend time alone with You so that they may more clearly hear Your Voice.  That they be willing to not spend so much time in the public eye but to be in the quiet of Your Presence so that when they are told to speak prophetically that will speak with a boldness that proclaims Your Word and your Will to us loud and clear.  We are her Lord to protect those You have chosen to fulfill this important role in our day!  Give them Wisdom and Discernment to pass on only that which uplifts us and aligns us with Your Will in this hour!

Father, in Your Great Favor continue to protect Your Prayer Warriors here that call themselves a part of the Strike Force of Prayer.  Lord there are so many good people in this group continue to use them and inspire them to fulfill the destiny You have for each of them that is written in their book.  Bless them abundantly in all the struggles in their daily lives and that they may live in perfect Peace and Love in their hearts and share it with all that you have place in their care!  Thank You, Father and continue to hear us as we raise our voice to You in the name of Your Son, Jesus the Christ in the Unity of the Holy Spirit!  It is so! Amen! 

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