Jun 23, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

We come as Your children seeking Your Advice and Counsel Abba as we are raging war to take back America as a Kingdom builder. Please release Your Heavenly Host as a protective shield around us from any assault of the enemy.  Keep us off the enemy’s radar.  Keep our lines of communication open, so that no distraction or interference or other thoughts or ideas keep us from hearing Wisdom from the Holy Spirit spoken into us at this moment.  Lord, we are Your Faithful Warriors repenting of any weakness or mistakes we have made in carrying out Your Orders.  Give us strength to walk by Faith and not by sight or by a feeling.  Show us mercy and forgiveness so that we may give it freely to those who come repenting and recognizing Yeshua, Your Son as Savior and Lord! Here we are Lord send us into battle with victory in our hearts and Your Name on our lips.

Father, strengthen us in or resolve to fear no man, only You!  It does not matter how strong man claims he is in power and might, it by Your Spirit that the Kingdom advances and change is coming to America!  All those aligned to destroy beware our God is Mighty!

Lord daily we live in a world where fear is used to rule us and enslave us.  Fear tactics by the media to scare us by what is going on in the world so that we have no chance to win. The media twists the Truth and the actual facts to make it look even worst than it truly is.  Lord, we say No more! Silence those who are mocking the anointing on President Trump and all those who are working with him.  Lord now is the time to establish a new media with revelations of the Truth as their only means of reporting.  Silence those who even show insanity when the truth is right before their eyes!

Lord, fear tactics are used against us in finances.  Making us fear and economic crises.  No one of them listens to the words of Your prophet, Mark Taylor and others who tell us of how You want and are blessing us!  Father in the Name of Yeshua we come against all these financial systems that are demonic in their approach to treating us like slaves!  We stand in Faith knowing You are in control.  You raise up and bring down in Your timing!  Lord we trust you with our finances and every blessing You have given us! We stand in Thanksgiving for all You are doing for America, Israel and the other sheep nations who stand with us.

Lord there is so much fear used even to rule us in our own government. Fear of the IRS, fear of law enforcement, fear of prosecution, fear of judges and fear of our own government.  Lord, we are here in the strength of Your Word know You have heard our cry and these fears no longer have sway over us as we arise to discern and vote in keeping the foundation of America back to its root in Yeshua and Your covenant with us!

Lord, there is fear in health care and the approach of medical insight.  We are told we are going to die in days, there is this disease and that plague with no cure.  Lord, You are source of Life and all of these fears have no place in our Walk of Faith.  We trust You, Lord.  As Your prophets have stated the cures and means of health is a t hand and You are revealing it so that we can make proper choices with the discernment of the Holy Spirit.  Lord Your warriors are covered by the Blood of Yeshua  and by His stripes we are healed!

Lord, You have called us out of the darkness of fear into Your wonderful Light where You give us a sound mind and love that rules us.  So we are grateful and speak words of Thanksgiving unto You!  Your Light gives us and inner strength to make sacrifices so that others might be saved and brought to the realization that it is not by power and not by might but by My Spirit that we have everything we need to fight as Your Kingdom Army.  We do see miracles everyday by Your Mighty Hand so we are indeed grateful and thankful and give you all Glory and Honor in Yeshua’s Name! Amen!


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