Aug 24, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

Shield us from the enemy and all his accusations against us.  Protect us from all his ways of distracting us and alluring us from our sacred time with You. We ask that Your Protective Hand over us will keep us off the enemy’s radar and blind and deafen him from any of our prayers brought before You!  Lord, we seek that this time of unity be with out interference from the enemy in any form either physically like our technology or mentally bu thoughts and words that emphasize selfishness over selflessness!  May this time be a means of us giving You all Glory honor, praise and thanksgiving.

Father, at this time we intercede for Your Church (our assembly of believers) here on earth.  We repent and offer up ourselves to intercede for those who are called to lead us whether they be apostles, prophets, evangelists, teachers or ministers.  Lord that we might be able to discern who is anointed by You to follow and be true guides to deepen our walk in the footsteps of Yeshua, Your Son and our Messiah.

Lord in our day continue to expose and reveal the false shepherds and all those who have abused the office of leadership in Your Assembly.  For we know Lord without purity of heart and humble of spirit Your flock is led astray and abused in what they bring as offerings to You!  Lord we repent for any participation with those who have led us to be under government supervision  through  the 501c3 and all other forms of corporation that make Your Church a business or loose its authority to speak the Truth into our Land, America.  Lord forgive us for any disrespect that has grown up in our midst for Your Commands and we have forgotten our commitment to You, our first love and have been led astray from seeking first Your Kingdom and the blessings that flow from Your Hand.

Lord, we seek the raising up in our day those who will truly lead us and are anointed by You to live a Life of Christ.  Lord, may these men and women be committed to righteousness and have boldness of Faith to overturn the ungodly dominance in our culture and society.  That they will speak the Truth in regards to issues of morality and defend the innocent and stand against worldly influences in our Churches.

Lord that we will have church leaders who truly see the anointing on those You have chosen to lead this nation like President Trump and others and see that Your Land of Israel and its people have the due respect that You have chosen them  to have and the leadership of their nation in Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Lord that we will have Church leaders who will speak out and lead us in fighting against abortion, child sacrifice, child and sex trafficking, prostitution,  sexual perversion and all abuse against Your people.  Bless men and women like Coach Dave, Rusty Thomas, Alveda King and others who are willing to put their lives on the line for the spreading of the Good News and spreading the Truth of Your Kingdom.  Bless especially any and all who stand in Your Authority and anointing that release us from the shackles of the government interfering with Church life.

Lord, we are Your People who have been set free through Your Son, Yeshua so we give You all the Glory, honor, praise and thanksgiving for the miracles that are taking place here in America and where ever Your Spirit is moving around the world.  Thank You for the shepherds You have raised up for such a time as this who truly know You personally and follow the guidance of Your Holy Spirit.

Lord we bring before You all the wounded that have been hurt by shepherds who have abused Your flock.  May these wounded be given an opportunity through the use of Your Army a moment of rescue to know Your Love for them and Your Healing Touch!  May those who have done this to them truly repent and face the consequences of their actions so that true restoration can begin!  Let Your Holy Spirit continue to bring conviction to us and bring us into the path of Peace and Rest in You.  We ask this in Yeshua’s Name. Amen!



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