Nov 12, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

Here we are Your Prayer Warriors standing at attention before You to serve Your Commands as loyal and humble soldiers of Christ.  Father this day we have special requests to bring before Your throne.  We place in Your Hands all of those who have served this country by their bravery and sacrifice as Veterans of Service now and those who are still serving this country to keep us safe and protect us from the enemy whether foreign or domestic.  Lord as You blessed the Israelites of old who defended their people in battle bless those whom we hold dear and appreciate that have served us!  Father without Your Blessing and Protection we are not free to worship You as nation of Your Kingdom so today we honor and praise You for giving us those who have made the sacrifice serve and protect.

Father today we are here as a day of repentance to continue to bring back to America our true heritage and to be called a nation of those who follow Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior/Messiah!

Lord in these moments of prayer we bring before You that have foolishly believed Satan is god like you, when he is not.  You are the only Creator and You have made us in Your Image as male and female to be one in the spirit and truth.  Lord we repent of the teachings that are affecting our children to make them think that there is some other sexual choice that are an abomination in Your Sight!  Lord there is only Your Plan that we are male and female, men and women, boys and girls forgive us for all those who teach and whom we have allowed to teach and influence our children a different plan.  Lord we seek new teachers and mentors who will live by You Plan as You have shown us through Your Word and the Life of Your Son, Jesus the Christ!

Father forgive us for not standing up and protecting our children when the bible was taken out of school, when prayer was taken out and schools became a killing field ins place of being a place where they would be safe to learn and grow to be good citizens of America and to live by our Constitution and sound biblical principles.  Lord with our prayers influence us to rise up and take back our education of our children that there will be honest education  and choice as to how it is done whether through schools that are biblically based or home school our children.  Lord we as parents are responsible for these gifts of Yours, so we will bring them up in fear of the Lord and teach them Wisdom and not just knowledge. Thank You Lord for making us aware and giving us strength to speak up and stand against the abomination of transgenderism, drag queen day and other false religious practices that are forced on our children by those intent on evil.  We say enough Lord!  We will take action and do what needs to be done to turn this around from indoctrination to education.  That our children deserve the best and we will start in  our homes and stop believing the government is the only choice we have.  Deliver us Lord from this tyranny and captivity that tells us we cannot do it right when in fact we are well able!  Lord we see You are bringing an awakening of knowing who You are and to follow You as we see in Kanye West and others who are turning to You and leading others too.  O Lord Your Plan is not always as we think it should be  but as Your Holy Spirit leads us.  Thank You, Father that we are here in this time to fight and spread Your Kingdom here and around the world!

Father, we are grateful for You anointing You have placed on President Trump and the others who are doing their work to make America a shining Light in a sea of darkness around this world.  Yet You are also doing so many wondrous things around the world by having people experience the healing Love of Your Son and even being visited by Him!  Lord our Hope is well founded because of how You are making us aware and really caring about one another and coming together in fellowship that is not because of  religion but a personal relationship with You! Lord we are here throwing off the old systems that have had us bound in a deception that was not of You, but now we are set free through the new wine You pouring into us and revealing all truth to us through the  Holy Spirit as Your Son said He would.  We just give You all the Glory and Praise for the wondrous things that are happening in this hour in Jesus Name! Amen!

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