Nov 16, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

The first thing we want to do is give You honor and praise!  In fact Father we give You a shout of Praise!  Just as the armies of old like Joshua at Jericho, Gideon with his 300 against an overwhelming army of the enemy as King David did with his army a shout of Praise to given before battle.  Lord in praising You we recognize the battle is for Your Kingdom and because of Yeshuah it is already a victory that we are marching into!  We praise You God for all that You are doing through us and in us int this hour.  We are Your faithful remnant trusting in Your Word and believing as Your Son has taught us: say to this mountain fall into the sea and it happens so now in our Praise we know Your Will is done as it is in heaven.  We have angels at our side who only see Victory for they are not weak or timid in Your sight they are Your Messengers to help us in our moment of weakness and fear.  Praise You God! What You did then You are doing NOW!

Father, we repent for all the unrest that is even in our ranks as followers of Jesus.  How all the back biting, judgmental ways, slanderous talk, critical speech, mocking comments and words of doubt and fear are spoken among us.  O Lord forgive us for having anything like this come from our lips or have any place in our hearts.  This Army here before You is putting Praise of You on our lips and we will silence words like this from our ranks.  We are here for You Father.  We have only one side in this civil war that is going on here among us.  Jesus Christ is our Lord and Messiah and the we are renewing our mind everyday to take on His Mind and to see life as You see Life!  We bring to you our best in all that we offer to You!  The best of all that we do in whatever You have given us talents to perform it is done in Your Name and You get all the glory!  Lord we stand firm our words are not useless but are creative and uplifting to bring to life all that has been given us prophetically that it will happen in our day!  Praise You God for it all!

Lord there are things that we still must do spiritually as well as physically.  For one thing Lord  we need to support President Trump more fully with our prayers and our voice and our actions when it comes to elections and to all that is happening these days by all those who are trying to get rid of him as President.  Lord, enough of this impeachment and talk of evil men and women who are destructive in their words and actions.  Silence them let their words let  be in their own lives leading to destruction because that is their choice to be so adamant in being  selfish and living in hate.  Lord, make us more and more aware of all those who are against Your Will and give us strength to remain faithful to all that You have planned and already doing as we stand in the thresh hold of this Great Awakening and harvest for Your Kingdom come now!

Lord, we intercede with our brothers and sisters in Kentucky as they start the recount for their governor.  Lord reveal the fraudulent votes and all the schemes to throw the election from the people into a win for those who would lead us astray from the good that has been started in the state of Kentucky.  Reveal the truth there and stir the hearts of the people of their state to speak up and show solidarity in wanting the truth and bringing Justice to bear on this issue of voting!  Lord not only here in Kentucky but in every state of our Union.  Bring down those who have stolen elections and have fraudulently put themselves in office.  Lord let the red tsunami happen now!  Arrest the corrupt! Lock them up!  Let the righteous prevail!  We speak this in Jesus Name!

Father, we want to live in harmony with Your heart and with one another as true brothers and sister in You Holy Family here on earth as it is in heaven.  Harmony is what we seek in our ranks as this Army of Prayer Warriors.  We are committed to bring forth that which You have prophesied through Mark Taylor, Mike Thompson, Hank Kunneman and other prophetic men and women who  have received from You, but also those of us here in this band of warriors who listen and hear the words of Hope You place in our hearts and even revelations  of the spirit that show we are Yours and we know it and believe it and profess it: We are Yours Now!  We give to You are best  of the blessings You have given us!  Not our will but Your Will be done now and for all eternity! It is so Amen!

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