Dec 3, 2020

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Heavenly Father, your trust is in You we come to You setting aside all our doubts and fear for we know You have the perfect solution for all that we must battle and face to defend and bring to pass all that You have planned for us. Yes, even the re-election of President Trump and movement of bringing America back from the brink of destruction to stand strong on its roots from its founding that this land is dedicated to Jesus Christ and it is to be land of free men to worship You, Lord and to live in harmony a You have always deemed it to be. We know Lord we are here before you in times that seem to be such a mess and there are those who are serious in their effort to defeat us, but we know that through it all we will be victorious and as Your prophetic voices have proclaimed it is the end of the corrupt and we will see that President Trump is still our President for another 4 years!

Father, just as You brought a dream to Jacob about his future and the land that You promised him, we to know that the dream You have given to our founding fathers and mothers of land free from tyranny and control it is still unfolding. We will see all that the prophets have told us will come to pass even through these moments when it looks as if the evil one are winning, but we know it is not so for You have heard the cry of Your people and You are now healing our land to see Justice return, law and order to return. We will see that those who have been betrayers will be brought to Justice. The exposition that is going on now awakens us to stand firm for the truth and that as You have spoken in Your word: you do not stand with the liar and deceiver that Your Holy Fire will consume those who will not repent or turn from this evil. Now is the time for the altars, temples and idols of Baal to be brought down to destruction and those who worship Baal will face the punishment they deserve. Lord, we proclaim we are nation under Your Kingdom reign and the gates of hell will not prevail! What Your Son has begun we will do part to bring it to pass in our day. Thank You Father for creating us for such a time as this! Your Kingdom come Your Will be done now and forever!

Father, we seek Your Angelic protection for all those who are in the fight to correct our election and to bring the truth to bare and to re-establish our voting to be free of any fraud and manipulation. Lord continue to bless the efforts of President Trump’s legal team as they expose the truth of what has been done to steal and cheat in this election and to expose all those who have done so under cover of darkness. Give boldness to those who are in position to right what is wrong that they may rise in righteousness to defend the truth and to be strong to face any opposition from the evil ones who speak words of hate. That this cause is Just and that this is the time for Justice and righteousness to prevail. Your prophets have spoken it and we Your Prayer Warriors decree it now to be fulfilled. We stand in Faith and know it is ours so that You get all the Glory and thanksgiving for Your Will is done in us and through us!

Father, we know too that the exposition in our assemblies of worship need a cleansing and exposition of those who are nothing more than wolves in sheep clothing and have deceived Your People because the wealth is more important than the truth! They have twisted the Gospel for selfish gain over truly helping the needy, the widow and the orphan. Thank You Lord for those who are willing to sacrifice themselves to speak the truth about the issues Your people face even in regard to who is the anointed You want ruling over us. Lord silence those who mock, ridicule and slander and are picky about President Trump that they will see that what You want is about to happen and they had
better be listening to You rather than their own opinions of what is to be. As Your word says lean not on our own understanding but seek Wisdom to light our way in any situation we find ourselves in. Lord, Your people are here to do Your Will and follow Your Commands. Thank You Father for the gift of the Holy Spirit who reveals all truth to us and guides us into the Light to see the Way You have for us even in these moments of unrest, confusion and the mess that makes with his own will.

Father, thank You for blessing us with Your Divine Health and Favor for a covering or all You Prayer Warriors as we unite to do Your Will and to serve one another just as Yeshuah sacrificed Himself to save us and make us one in You now and forever! Amen!

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