Feb 6, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

We are here in the Name of Your Son, Jesus/Yeshuah,  who told us ask anything in His Name and in accord with Your Will and we will see it answered.  We are here with confidence knowing that You hear our heartfelt cry about matters that we are facing in our battle to spread the Kingdom and seeking Your strength knowing that You get all the Glory for all that is happening here in America and around the world!  Father we come to You I with a humble contrite spirit but with confidence for we know that we can do all things in Christ Jesus for He has already destroyed the works of the devil and He alone assures of victory and that we are drawn close to You!  Not our will but Your will be don in all that lay before us in our Journey of Faith!  Praise You, Father!  Praise You, Jesus! Praise You, Holy Spirit!

Father forgive us of all the times when we have been obstinate in our judgments of others and our lack of concern for others well being. Make our hearts hearts of flesh and not of stone in our concern for the poor, the weak, the disabled, the addicted, the widow and the orphan.  Father continue to bless us with those who are willing to sacrifice in any way to care for our brothers and sisters in need.  Thank You Father for those who are willing to walk our streets in search of those who are lost to give them warmth and comfort during these cold days.  Bless those abundantly who are willing to do for the least of us for they are doing it to you!  Father that your Son’s Love will motivate us to share that love with one another and those You place in our path today so that we can die to our selfishness and come alive in the Love of Christ Jesus!

Father, we intercede for our President Trump as he leads our nation back to being free to worship and proclaim You Name publicly without fear and to worry if we are politically correct.  Thank You, Lord for the wisdom You have given President Trump to tackle the problems not only here in America but around the world as he outline his steps for the issues in Israel.  Lord bless him for all the peace making efforts he brings forth.  Give him even more wisdom as he speaks before the nation even in the midst of those who attempt o remove him from office.  Lord, how foolish man is who is obstinate against Your Will done through him.  Lord as You did to Pharaoh of old now bring the plagues on those who refuse to let Your People be free.  May they see that hatred, greed and stoney hearts are worthy of facing Your Justice!  Lord, what You hate we hate: lying lips and deceitful tongues and my their teeth be shattered on the stones that they throw at righteous ones.  Enough of this Lord make us a nation united again to serve You and be a part of the Harvest You are bringing to pass in this day!

Father, we seek protection for all of our crops and a special reward for those who tend the fields and nurture these crops.  That we are grateful for their hard work and that they receive fair recompense for all they do!  Father, may we Your people become more and more aware to care for our physical well being to nourish and be moderate in all that we eat and drink!  Lord, we look to You for a healing touch on all those who are in need of a physical healing that they feel it now as we are here to lift them up.  But Lord make us more aware to search a matter how in how we can better care for ourselves in what we eat and drink!  Continue to bless those who watch over our needs in health!  Make us more aware for as the prophet has warned us people perish for a lack of knowledge! Thank You Father for the blessing of good and vibrant health for this Army of Prayer Warriors that we will walk I n Divine Favor and Divine Health!

Father give us more awareness about ourselves in how we walk in this life not to curse the darkness, but to be a light!  Not to be caught up in bitterness, unforgiveness and resentment of those who have hurt us, harmed us or abused us in any way either since we were young to the days as we age!  Lord cleanse our hearts that we may truly love ourselves as You love us and that in knowing Your love for us that we will give that love to one another and even to our enemies as Your Son, Jesus/Yeshuah has shown us.  Father, we are grateful to be called Your children no matter how long we have been on this earth.  Help us to see our time as a real preparation for the Glory we will one day all see for all eternity!  Lord, it is clear You will never leave us or forsake us!  Thank You Father! It is so & will last forever Amen!

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