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Heavenly Father,

You are doing a wondrous work right now in our time, especially during these times of prayer with You both privately and in public as we are gathered here now in this hour!  Protect us, Lord, release Your Heavenly Host to protect us from the enemy. Hide us under the shadow of Your Wings! Take us off the enemy’s radar! Let the enemy be distracted by his own devices!  May the enemy and all of his forces fall on their swords and  see  mass confusion in their own ranks!  Blind them to what You are showing us. Block any of the enemy’s plans for any kind of upheaval or plots to harm Americans.  May the Kingdom of Light continue its advancement now!  We know that the Light of Christ penetrates the darkness and once under the Light none are able to stop the overcoming of darkness!  Even now Lord as you are exposing more and more of the corruption and evil perversion in high places, Your Light becomes even brighter!

Lord, You are pouring out Your Spirit in our day as Your Prophet Joel proclaimed: our sons and daughters will prophecy and the elderly will dream dreams and the youth will have visions!  We know, Lord, You are raising up righteous ones for such a time as this—a time of newness in our spirit & that the dreams You have planted in us will now come to pass.  Through our prayers You are penetrating the dark forces and breaking down the old patterns to establish and build up new patters & structures that You have envisioned for America and the other sheep nations who will join us!  We are so grateful and thankful for what You are doing in our day right now!  We are Your Warriors who have pledged our lives to You and we are willing to sacrifice so that dreams will be fulfilled!  We are here Lord to intercede for all of our anointed leaders from President Trump to all that are anointed as leaders in our day.

We are here, Lord to nurture and defend our youth who do have a bright future ahead of them and the dreams You have planted in them will come to pass! Lord just as you gave our founding fathers the dream of making this a God fearing Nation, let it be said that our Youth will be a part of the restoration of this nation and that we will always be  governed by Biblical Principles and by our Constitution and that we will walk in Righteousness and victory!

Lord, just as You awakened Jacob from his dream of a stairway to heaven with angels going up and down, now You are showing us that these angelic forces are at work all around us.  As we continually intercede we will see more and more of it! We trust You, Lord in all the activity that is going on around us that You have given us the authority and the means and the strength to keep the enemy off balance and unable to take the offensive.  We are penetrating the areas where they have established strongholds!  Your Might is shining forth in our prayers!  We are humbled by our calling but we know that You are receiving all the Glory and honor for all of the victories we see!  Thank You for using us to do Your Will in America!

Lord Jesus, just as You touched the Samaritan woman to show us that dreams of a better life are fulfilled in You!  We are now called as she was to witness and proclaim the Good News to others and to worship the Father in spirit and truth! No matter what our circumstances when You are in our midst Life changes and miracles happen so that others will meet the True Messiah: Yeshua/Jesus!

Thank You, Lord for blessing all of my brothers and sisters with me on this call that they are anointed as Your Prayer Warriors through the Holy Spirit to now speak up and call out that which You have placed on their hearts to intercede!  Protect them and guard them! In Jesus Name! Amen

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