Jul 6, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

Let the Fire of Your Love purify us of any blocks that are in our minds or have placed before us by the enemy.  Let Your Holy Angels surround us as we move forward in battling the forces of evil around us.  You have separated us from those who have chosen darkness so we are Your children of the Light!  Use us today to spread Your Kingdom across the earth and especially in our land.  Lord, You see the many factions and the continual attacks of the enemy to overcome and overthrow this nation but we trust in the words of Your Prophets the enemy may be loud but they will not win. They may proclaim false gods but they are not like You Lord.  As David did of old we too proclaim You are Our Lord and there is non like You!  You will not abandon us ever we are assured of Your loving kindness because of what Your Son has done for us so Lord we march forward knowing that the evil ones will fail. Weare more than conquerors in Christ Jesus!

Holy Spirit we seek Your Discernment in this hour for there is so much information and so many reports of what is happening in our day!  Give us a clear vision of who we are listen to and whom we are to trust. Bless and protect our President Trump and those who are working with him to bring Justice through law and order into the land.  Give wisdom to those who are asked to step in harms way when they are to stop those who have evil intent  especially with those who are anarchist and bent on destroying our safety and protection.  Lord continue to expose these works of evil and then have President trump and all proper authority move against them and stop these evil plots.  Thank You, Lord for no weapon formed against will prosper.  Your Word will be fulfilled and we will see it happen right now in our day!

Lord, one area of concern is our youth for too long we allowed them to be led astray by teachers that are intent on destruction of our nation by promoting communism, socialism and all these isms that make one a slave to the state.  Lord, we have the opportunity now to take back our education by the different tools You placed in our hands.  Lord bless those families who have chosen the way of home schooling so that their children will be brought up in Your Way.  Lord, continue to make parents aware that they have the freedom to raise their children in Your path.  Lord show parents it is within their ability to do it the tools are available bless all those who do work to make these tools available to all in America through Ed-exit and other forms of information.   Thank You Lord that we will remove the indoctrination camps and bring our children into true education and that even more righteous men and women will arise to change our education system.  Lord for as Your prophet of old warned us the people perish for lack of knowledge!  That knowledge is based on the Wisdom of the Holy Spirit.  Thank You, Lord for the change and continue to give us boldness and courage to step our in Faith and do what we are able.  You have a great Plan for us and we will walk in it all our days!

Father, during this time of unrest and the chaos of those who want to destroy life and to steal and rob from others let Your Holy Spirit bring comfort and healing to all who suffer.  Lord fill us with compassion to heal the brokenhearted by allowing them to express their grief and sadness of their loss.  That our hearts will be open to express to them the Love of Jesus and that no matter how deep the grief or pain Your Love will heal and make each one new!  What You have done for one let it spread to another so that we will all know that You are with us and there is nothing that can block the Love You have for us. It is here present everyday and every moment.  Lord walking in Your Presence is all we need to be aware of.  Lord comfort any of those who are in sorrow at this moment that You will raise them out of any grief and make them whole again.  That when we look to what You did for us our sorrow and pain is small for Your Love is Great and Awesome and make us a new creation.  We give You glory, honor and praise in Thanksgiving for Your Love now and for all eternity. Amen!

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