Apr 16, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

Protect us under the shadow of Your Wings and put a Hedge of protection around us as we come before You today!  Keep us off the enemy’s radar and scramble all of his frequencies that distract us.  Keep the chaos, confusion and rebellion in his camp, allowing us to be free and guided by Your Holy Spirit into all truth. Help us to worship You as You so richly deserve.  Father, with humble and contrite hearts we come before You so that You may raise us up to a new level of preparedness to battle the enemy and to see the plans You have for us unfold. We will rejoice in it!

Father, we continue to seek a cleansing of America.  Take away all the defilement that we have foolishly allowed to creep into our land because we were afraid to speak out or afraid we were going to offend someone’s feelings.  Father, we know that the Truth cuts to the core of our being, and if we had not faced the Truth about our sinful ways, we would not have changed into the people You have destined us to be.  Yes, Lord, the Truth does hurt when you are wrong, but oh the joy knowing now we are set free and walk as new creatures in Christ Jesus!  Lord we are so grateful for the convicting power of the Holy Spirit to show us the way we should walk.  We thank You for His anointing that strengthens us to speak the Truth, no matter who hears us!

Father there is such defilement in our assemblies, who choose not to be in alignment with Your Agenda. You have called President Trump to enact this agenda.  Such blindness and judgmentalism against your prophet Mark Taylor and others who are truly pointing the way to what You have planned for America, and really for all the world!  Lord, we declare a change in leadership, and an awareness in our assemblies to be hungry to hear the True Good News and to abolish all that just tickles our ears so that we can truly worship You in Spirit and Truth as Your Son, Yeshuah showed us!

Father, You know our hearts better than we do!  We want to be used by You to spread Your Kingdom in our land and throughout the world.  We want to be a part of all that You have planned for us to see and do in this hour.  We are here to intercede for President Trump, and all of the leadership that is aligned with him, to be protected and covered from any of the wickedness of the enemy. Whether in physical attempts on their well-being, or through words of witches and warlocks, or spirits of Jezebel or Molech in their sneaky influence into our lives to stop what You have already started in cleansing the land.  May all of those who have betrayed us and deceived us into believing lies be caught and brought to Justice as it is happening now!  Yes, Lord whether it be the Clintons, Obama or any other name that is familiar to us let them either repent or be brought to Justice! We pray with contrite hearts for our enemies. Lord you told us to have nothing to do with evil. Lord we are not here to feel sorry but to stand in Faith that You will fulfill Justice in our land now!

Father, You are using so many signs to show us we should not be involved with those systems that You have condemned, or we will find ourselves clutching dead corpses that have no life and surely are not alive in the spirit!  We can see through the signs even with the burning of Notre Dame that it is not buildings that matter but our life in the Spirit founded on Your Grace and mercy. We are Your Church!  We who are alive in Christ Jesus who matter most to You.  That we have a greater worth than all the treasures of this world, beautiful as they are, mean nothing in comparison to how You love us and see us.  Wake us up Lord. We are what matter most to You and You want us to live and have abundant Life in Yeshuah now and into all eternity!

Lord, anything that is toxic to our lives we reject. Give us Wisdom to make the changes we need to make to take care of our sacred temples, our bodies, according to Your plan that You have revealed to us in the Scriptures.  If only we meditate on Your Word and ask the Holy Spirit to give us discernment in our choices!  Whether it be for our Health and well-being, or how we are to live together as brothers and sisters under Your Law and Your Way.  Fulfill in us all that You have planned!  We are here Lord use us!

We are confident that You hear us and will reveal even more to us because we come to You in the Name of Yeshuah, and in the Unity of the holy Spirit! Amen!

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