Nov 23, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

You are are real Father and because of Your Son, Yeshua, we can call You, Abba/Daddy.  There is no God like You!  So we run to You as Your children because You care for us and we bring to You all of our cares and concerns.  We are here first of all to express our Love for You by giving You all the Glory, Honor, Praise and Thanksgiving!  You have set us aside as Your Family and keep our names in the Book of Life!

Father, we ask that You cover us with Your Protective Strong Arm!  Take us off the enemy’s radar and scramble all of our communication with You so he does not interfere in any way during this sacred time with You! Keep the chaos and confusion in his camp so that any plots or schemes against us will come to nothing.  With You, Father we are well armed to defeat the enemy and continue to spread Your Kingdom here on earth and live as it is in heaven!

First of all Father we wish to repent of all of our lack of giving You Thanks and that we have been ungrateful for Your Blessings.  We repent our lack of gratitude even in times when it seemed so bleak that You still are with us and never abandon us in whatever circumstance we find ourselves in.  Yes, Lord we want to praise you even in circumstances that seem to overwhelm us. Forgive us for our lack of thankfulness even in the small things to us like the air we breath or the motion of our bodies even to pick up something that has fallen to the ground.  Lord we want to see all creation as the great gift it is from Your Hand.  We want to be speaking blessings over curses in everything that happens to us. Lord we are truly grateful for our salvation of pulling us out of the mire of sin and made us a member of Your Family and given us Life, Life abundantly.

Today, Father, here in America we proclaim a day of Thanksgiving.  Lord it is not about the food we serve but the meaning of recognizing You as the Giver  of all that makes America a light to the nations and a beacon of freedom to all those who seek to be free from tyranny and all the isms that destroy life and make people captives instead of free!  Here we are to remember what has been passed on for generations to be Thankful for Your Diving Providence in our history from the beginning from the earliest settlers to all that has gone on in our history to make us who we are.  What God is as good to us as the God who has made us to live in a free land called America!

Father, our list for thankfulness is endless and so filled to with so  much to remember. In these few moments we want to say Thank You for our families, our parents, our brothers, our sisters, our friends, our neighbors and all who have had a special effect in our lives in moments when we most need cheerful word or a helping hand in our time of need and lack.  Thank You Father for all of them!

We are thankful, Father for having been born and raised in this land and even those who have come here to be a part of our American life.  Thanks for giving others the opportunity to be free of tyranny and persecution where they were to her in the land of the free and the home of the brave!  Lord, we speak a moment of thankfulness for all of our brother and sisters who are a part of this call and who have joined Your Army of Prayer Warriors.  We seek too a special covering our our brothers and sister in Faith who have joined the ranks of the Strike Force of Prayer from nations around the world and so we intercede for them now form India, Japan, Mexico, Canada, Guam, the Virgin Islands, Bermuda, Ireland, Scotland, England, Australia, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Malaysia, South Africa, Nigeria, Sweden, Norway and all who are a part of the prayer move You, Holy Spirit have started on the earth!  Father, we are taking the fight to the enemy and we are assured of winning and victory because of the words of your prophetic voice in our day like Mark Taylor, Johnny Enlow and so many others You have anointed for such a time as this!

So Father through out this day we give You Thanks and Praise! Amen!

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