Mar 21, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

We come before You as King David of old.  He sang, “A clean heart create for me O God, renew within me a steadfast spirit. Do not drive me from before Your Face, nor take from me Your Holy Spirit.” Father in that spirit of humility we come before You knowing that You are near us and always listen to the hearts of Your children.  We are here Father at this time to give You honor, glory, praise and thanksgiving as we celebrate Your Divine intervention into our lives and the lives of our nation of America!

As we are gathered here, Father, keep us under the shadow of Your Wings and put a hedge of protection around us, around our nation a wall of protection from any invasion of the enemy or his forces who attempt to storm our gates!  Keep us off the enemy’s radar.  May all of his plots of destruction, anxiety, unrest, chaos and rebellion stay in his camp and among his followers so that we are safe and preserved in our battle to continue to live in righteousness and spread the Kingdom here in our land and to all the earth and its people.

Lord during this day in the tradition of Faith from the times of the Old Testament we remember what is taught in the Book of Esther as You guided Your people then so do so now in our day.  As Your people faced the treachery of Haman so to in our day we face treachery of those who hate us as Americans that believe and follow Your Son, Yeshuah.  Not only in our land but also in lands that do their best to live by Your laws and Commands.  Father like Esther and Mordecai we are here to fast and pray to continue in our fight to change the laws that persecute Your people who believe in Yeshuah and laws that bind and restrict the freedom of Your people.  Continue to bless the efforts of president Trump and those who are with him to continue to bring change and re-establishment of our foundation in You O Lord!

Father, we intercede at this time for all the women who are like Esther, obedient servants of King Jesus, to be encouraged, supported and promoted to do what they are destined to do in our day.  Women who have taken on roles in our government, judges, teachers, professors, leaders in business and other areas of our life but especially those women who call themselves wives, mothers, daughters and sisters in such a time as this.  Lord we proclaim and decree over them protection and covering of love and honor for all that You have created them to be and do in our land and any nation on earth.  Lord that true honor and respect will be in the hearts of men to be at their side as You had intended from the beginning and has been restored through Your Son, Yeshuah, by His example of sacrificial love.  Thank You Father for the restoration that is taking place in our day that we see the equality and respectful acts one to another in Yeshuah!

Father we place a shield of protection around those who are like Esther and Mordecai to reveal the evil plots and intents of those who hate and promote hate through all the ills of the isms that dominate our culture and the atmosphere in which we live.  Protect all the “whistle blowers” anyone who works to expose the evil around us like Liz Corkin, Greg Hunter and so many others that are arising in our day. Lord we are grateful that they are willing to risk even their lives to revealing the Truth and making more and more of us aware of what we are facing.  Making us aware that evil around us is now exposed and that the hammer of justice will fall on those who are caught and if they will not repent and make atonement for what they have done then face the consequences of the evil treachery they have done or been a part of!  Father, we know their time to face what they have done is now.  Keep us of one mind and heart to be found on the the side of Truth and Justice!

Father we seek the overturning of laws like the 501 c3, the IRS and other unconstitutional laws and obligations placed on us.  That thanks to President Trump and those righteous men and women in place with him are on the right road of being in line for Your Will for America!  Lord, we are here to do our part through our prayers and fastings to conquer and lay the foundation in the spirit first so that what we pray for will be answered by You in Your perfect timing!  Give us the strength in Christ Jesus and the Wisdom of the Holy Spirit to guide us in spirit and truth!

We know You hear us, Father, for we speak in the name of Your Son, Yeshuah and with utterance from the Holy Spirit.  Amen!

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