May 29, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

We are here in awe of Your Glory! We can’t even imagine how powerful You are and how amazing all that You have created and brought into existence and how you have formed us in our mother’s womb.  In our time we are getting a glimpse of Your Majesty and Power as Your Plan is unfolding before us.  We speculate as You create!  We see evil being exposed and revealed and we know that Justice will be fulfilled by Your Mighty Arm.  You are protecting us, Your People,Your Army as we continue the spread of Your Kingdom.

We give You thanks and praise for the blessings You have bestowed on our land of America and at the same time You are taking care of Your sacred land of Israel  We say Your Will be done here and there! Your Will is all that matters, so Lord we give You our will and do with us as You will.  Open our hearts to be aware of and receive Your Blessings and that we will willingly share our blessings with one another and all those around us from intimate friends and family to all our brothers and sister who profess Faith in Yeshua!  And yes, Lord we even bless our enemies so that they will come to know You the only true God!  And we know You will take care of all our enemies in Your due time!

Father, we ask that these moments we are spending with You are shielded from the radar of the enemy and that his camp is blinded and deaf to Your Plans for us to fulfill.  That all of those who are against Your Army become aware of what is in store for them if there is no repentance or seeking of forgiveness.  Lord save those You have destined to save and those You have destined to draw from the enemy’s camp into Your Kingdom.  But those who refuse Your Grace let them see the fate that lies before them because of their hatred and treasonous ways.  So Lord we are grateful that You have taken us out of darkness and brought us into Your Light through the Great Love of Yeshua.

Father, we ask that You continue to bless our President Trump and all those who are with him to make America Yours again; one nation under Your Command so that all who live here will be one united in Faith, Hope and Love!

Father, bless all those who serve and protect us.  All those in our military, law enforcement, fire and rescue and all those who are willing to give their live for the peace and security in our land of America!

Father, bless our children and all of our youth of today that they will know You and follow You in the destiny that You have place in their lives.  Keep them from harm in our schools, our parks, our streets and even in our own yards and homes. Give them true learning in Wisdom and Truth.  Keep them aware that all things are possible for those who believe in You and serve You in Your Plan for us. Bless us with righteous men and women who properly teach and draw out the talent that You have given to each child.

Father, bless all those who bring food to our tables from the farmer to the grocer.  Lord that each will get their just share of their labor.  Lord we bind the working of those who take advantage of Your blessings.  Lord expose those who are unjust in their charges of pricing and how they take advantage of the poor and needy.  Lord, we cry out for Justice to rule our land.  We cry out as one Voice to stop all those who plot evil in their heart against our nation, our President and all of our true anointed leaders and the honest [people called to serve and we ourselves to do our part now in this time we are in.

Bless the Lord oh my soul and I give praise to Your Holy nake for all the benefits you have bestowed on us.  I bless You, Lord for all that You have done for me up to this very moment in time.

Father, we intercede for all those who are ill and physically handicapped in any way restore their health!  We pray for all those who are in financial difficulty, those are in mental stress and those who are spiritually lost.  We know it is Your Will for us to live in abundant life because of Your Great love for us.  Continue Your wondrous blessings!

Father, we give Your Glory, Honor, Praise and Thanksgiving  for all Your blessings to us in the Name of Yeshua! Amen.


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