May 25, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

Because of Yeshua, Your Son and our Redeemer we are able to call You, ABBA, so personal and intimate.  You are so close to us and love us, the God who has created the universe who has place order in all creation, who has made man in Your Own image now wants us to call You, ABBA.  Lord, to call You like we call our earthly father, Daddy, it is marvelous and awesome to know and be able to do. How wondrous are Your Ways and it is far beyond our own imaginings and thoughts as You have said through the prophet Isaiah: Your thoughts are not our thoughts and your Ways are not our ways, yet here are calling You ABBA!

Father, through the authority given us by Your Son, Yeshua, we are here to take the offensive in our Battle to make our nation, America, a land of Your Kingdom.  Through the weapons You have made for us and the means You have given us we strike at the enemy and all the evil forces that come against us.  Lord, we are ready in this hour to see the Hammer of Justice fall on all those who are corrupt and will not repent of the betrayal and plots to bring down President Trump and make  America  a captive part of the New world order, one world religion and all the other means of taking over the earth and making it a kingdom of darkness.  Lord, enough!  Now is the time of righteousness and truth to prevail in our land.  Let those who will not see, who will not listen, who will not repent be brought to Justice before the Cross of Christ now!

Father, we declare and decree this is the end of our captivity and this end of those who have limited our freedom.  It is the hour to continue to reveal more and more truth so that we are able to do our part in cleaning up the filth that is around us.  Cities, towns and homes that have been led into darkness and desecration be handed over to the righteous men and women who will lead us to live by Your Ways O Lord.  That we will see the value and worth of one another and that we will be generous in sharing the blessings or our obedience with the homeless, the poor, the downtrodden, the widow and the orphan.  Yes, here we are Lord use us for the change and Harvest You have prepared us to be a part of in this day.

Father, instill in our hearts peace and calmness that only You can give, so that even in times of turmoil and unrest we will be a stabilizing factor in all that happens especially in the major cities of our nation like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Baltimore, etc.  Yes, Lord there are important issues and evil works that have to overturned but because of the Blood of Yeshua and by our Faith we can and will see the prophetic word come to pass that this is a Golden Ti9me of change and those who see only doom and gloom are not in line with what You have planned!  Continue to reveal Your Plans for us to Your Prophets in our day and that we will draw closer to You in our Journey of Faith to see Your Kingdom come and Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

We pray Father as we prepare for the remembrance of Pentecost in the days ahead that we will be prepared for what You have in store for us.  A Mighty Roaring Wind of the Holy Spirit to blow across America and Israel and any nation who is part of Your Kingdom now and into the future!  Father that the nations of the earth will see men and women arise to lead and work together for true PEACE to be on the earth.   That like President Trump, there  will be leaders whose God  is You, O Lord  and  they will replace those who are evil and tyrannical especially in the Middle East, China, North Korea and even in Russia.  Lord what You have instilled in Your people to pray for may we see it more and more in our day!
Father, we come in confidence each time we gather like this for we know that You hear our prayer and that You bring our hearts in harmony with Your Heart in Jesus Mighty and wonderful Name in the Unity of the Holy Spirit now and forever. Amen!

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